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Q&A With Best Worst Movie Director Michael Paul Stephenson

Screening tonight at Silverdocs is Best Worst Movie, Michael Paul Stephenson's look at the B movie to end all B movies, Troll 2.
Stephenson starred in Troll 2 as Joshua, a boy whose dead grandfather would appear to him to warn of vegetarian goblins — not trolls — that were out to get his family. [...]

Today at Silverdocs: No Impact Man, Racing Dreams, Splitting Hairs…and a Mustache Contest!

Haven't been to Silverdocs yet? Haven't even made plans? What are you waiting for?!? Check out our complete coverage for details on the rest of the fest.
Here are some highlights from today's slate:
Racing Dreams, Marshall Curry's look at tween go-kart racers who have their eyes on professional racing careers. According to our critic Matt Siblo, [...]

Today at Silverdocs: Facing Ali, Afghan Star, Off and Running, and More

Lots, lots more. Today's the first full day of the fest; here's a smattering of what's being screened from noon 'til midnight. For the entire schedule and ticket information, go to
Albert Maysles Shorts Program, Part I, a 68-minute collection of five short films from this year's Guggenheim Symposium honoree. 12:15 p.m.

Another Planet, a doc [...]

Silverdocs Is Here! LeBron in Town for Opening Night

The AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs Documentary Festival kicks off big tonight at 7 p.m., with fest opener More Than a Game playing in all three houses at AFI Silver.
The film follows LeBron James and four other Akron, Ohio basketball players in their teen years, their talent and perseverance taking them from inner-city courts to championships and [...]

Film Openings This Week: Away We Go, Taking of Pelham 123, Michael Keaton, Eddie Murphy, and Sparrows

With a slate of iffy new releases — and Silverdocs kicking off Monday — you might want to save your ass for an AFI Silver marathon and catch the few glimpses of sun promised this weekend.
But if you simply must go to the movies, here are your fresh choices:
Away We Go: Both the story's heart [...]

Opening This Week: The Hangover, Land of the Lost, My Life in Ruins

...but wait, there's more! Hit links for reviews.
Easy Virtue: An adaptation of a Noel Coward play that stars Jessica Biel as a family-dividing American bride of a young British gent. It seems I've been living in Bizarro World, since I loved this yet pretty much hated
The Hangover, a Todd Phillips comedy about three very dudely [...]

What Do Your Movie Posters Say About You?

Nick de Semlyen of London-based Empire magazine does a bit of self-analysis regarding the one-sheets that decorate his walls.
Because I just moved into my house a couple of years ago (OK, I'm obviously lazy) I've only got two in my office: Sin City, the one with Benicio del Toro wielding a gun and looking as [...]

Q&A With Up Director Pete Docter

Pixar vet Pete Docter has made you laugh with his directorial debut, Monsters, Inc. And now — well, he's going to make you laugh again with Up, a rather odd-sounding story about the friendship that develops between a 78-year-old widower named Carl (Ed Asner) and an 8-year-old boy named Russell (Jordan Nagai) when the kid [...]

This Week’s Openings: Either Go Up or Drag [Yourself] to Hell

Or just go to the art houses and avoid that conundrum altogether. Follow the links for reviews:
Up: Can't imagine what an animated movie about an old geezer, a boy scout, and a floating house could possibly offer? It's Pixar, so plenty.
Drag Me to Hell: Sam Raimi's return to horror is at an astonishing 94 percent [...]

Q&A With Scott Hamilton Kennedy, Director of The Garden

Did you know there is 14-acre community garden in South Central Los Angeles? Well, there's not any more — now it's a bulldozed, unused patch of land.
But from 1994 to 2006, the South Central Farm was a thriving, verdant paradise to the predominantly Mexican and Latino residents who tended to it. Then the property's long-absent [...]

Headline on New Moon Tidbit: Bad Yahoo!

The story "New Moon Gets Trashed" isn't at ALL what it sounds like: Yahoo News.

Embassy of Brazil’s Film Festival Starts Friday

The Embassy of Brazil's second annual Reel Time Brazil – Documentary Film Week isn't exactly a week: It runs May 15 – May 17. The good news is that all five features that will be presented this year are free.
Here's the lineup, with the embassy's descriptions:
–Palavra (En)cantada (The Enchanted Word), a documentary that weaves together [...]

Avalon to Serve “Intergalactic Delicacies” During Star Trek Run

Or for at least the first two weeks. The new Avalon Theatre Cafe — a space formerly occupied by Ben & Jerry's — will be serving the following wacky treats:
–ice cream in Andorian Ale and Vulcan Mocha flavors
–Rokeg Blood Pie
–Komar cookies
–Klingon Bloodwine
–Vulcan Raktajino
–Klingon Gagh
–Vulcan Plomeek Soup
Of course, recipes weren't followed to a T: The gagh, [...]

Films Opening This Week

Looks like rain. What a surprise! Luckily there are plenty of fresh options should you want to run from the office to the shelter of a movie theater. Hit the links for reviews.
–Star Trek: Duh.
–The Limits of Control: Jim Jarmusch goes Dada again, this time dragging Tilda Swinton, Gael García Bernal, John Hurt, and Bill [...]

Goodbye Solo Director Appearing at E Street This Weekend

Ramin Bahrani, director and co-writer of the drama Goodbye Solo, will be appearing for Q&As after the 7:30 p.m. and 9:40 p.m. showings at Landmark E Street this Friday and Saturday.
Winner of the Venice Film Festival's FIPRESCI International Critics Prize, Goodbye Solo "deftly explores the passing of a generation as well as the rapidly changing [...]