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Q&A: It Might Get Loud Director Davis Guggenheim

It Might Get Loud is Davis Guggenheim's summer after science class. The director has followed up his Oscar-winning 2006 documentary on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, with a film that nourishes his inner music fan, another doc that brings together three titans of rock — Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, U2's the Edge, and the White [...]

Happy Avatar Day!

Don't know what Avatar Day is? Don't care? You should!
For anyone who hasn't caught a glimpse of entertainment news the past few weeks, today is your "unprecedented!" chance to see a 16-minute sneak peek of James Cameron's new movie, Avatar, in IMAX 3D.
Or, more accurately, was your chance. Tickets to this ridiculous publicity stunt [...]

Quentin Tarantino’s Favorite 20 Films Since 1992

The year marks the Inglourious Basterds auteur's directorial debut; the 20 range from excellent (The Insider) to the head-scratching (Anything Else).
No, seriously. He loved Anything Else. See for yourself and catch the remaining 18:
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There Are Trailers. There Are Teasers. And Now: A 14-Second “Sneak Peak” at The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Full trailer will debut ahead of Bandslam, opening Friday. Until then, squeal accordingly:
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Reviewed: Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia
Directed by Nora Ephron
Husbands, boyfriends, and anyone else not particularly interested in French cooking and feminine angst who is dragged to Julie & Julia should at least enjoy one moment: a clip of Dan Aykroyd channeling a bloodied Julia Child on Saturday Night Live.
Meryl Streep does an impressive impersonation, too, but big-girl body [...]

Ode to the Indie from The Rotten Tomatoes Show

This clip of Brett Erlich and Ellen Fox's "Anyone Else but You" parody is about a month old, but I caught it on Current TV's birthday special and was reminded how spot-on it is.
Especially satisfying after so much failed quirkiness this year:

Hot Tub Time Machine an actual and brilliantly stupid name of a movie, starring John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke. Out Feb. '10:
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Film Openings This Week

Talking guinea pigs, a murderous adoptee, and "art porn." Business as usual at your local theater:
Humpday: Judd Apatow has made a joke of straight-dude friendships so gushy they stop just short of PDAs; Lynn Shelton toys with the idea of a pair actually going for it. Her mumblecore film about a project for Seattle's real-life [...]

Review: Brüno

Brüno reinforces what Borat already showed us: that Sacha Baron Cohen, literally and figuratively, has balls. You may wince when things get graphic — and they do, suddenly, brazenly, hilariously — but you'll truly cringe if you consider the situations Cohen is putting himself in for a laugh.

Hitler and Jackson: Offensive on So Many Levels

Still, this video showing the Fuhrer reacting to news of Michael Jackson's death is brilliant.
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Light Up the Sky Like a Flame!

With your talent, that is, not with fireworks. Unless your talent is singing and dancing with explosives.
To promote the remake/redo/reimagining of 1980's Fame (out Sept. '09), MGM is hosting a virtual competition for U.S. residents 14 and older to show off their stuff. (Tastefully.)
It apparently doesn't matter what you do — a flier claims that [...]

Best of the Transformers Bashing

$201 million in five days. That's the astonishing amount of box office Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has earned since opening Wednesday, beyond all comprehension and hope for humanity.
I started perusing reviews immediately after seeing the movie but quickly had to stop, fearing that all the good digs had already been taken and that [...]

Film Openings This Week

Robots, dying teens, Michelle Pfeiffer, and a doc. Truly a weekend with options!
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which has already made an obscene amount of money since opening Wednesday, so you should not give it one more cent. And if you already have, shame on you.

$9.99, Etgar Keret's short stories adapted with stop-motion animation. More [...]

Silverdocs Winners!

Alas, aside from a few re-screenings tonight, 2009's AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs festival is over. We laughed, we cried, we ate green goblin food. And now we wait for the best selections to get commercial releases and, if history repeats, some Oscar love.
Until then, here's a list of fest winners:

Today at Silverdocs: Carmen Meets Borat, The September Issue, Soul Power, More!

Silverdocs is winding to a close, but there's still a lot of good stuff to catch. As always, look to our complete coverage of the fest for more details.
Here are some of today's highlights:
Carmen Meets Borat, which profiles a 17-year-old who tells what it was like when her village was accosted by Sacha Baron Cohen. [...]