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So What Exactly Does Joe Englert Do During an Average Day?

As Joe Englert and I take a taxi (he rarely drives because he thinks it's cheaper to take cabs, once you figure in parking tickets in D.C.) to Enology, the wine bar he co-owns with Adam Manson, I ask the businessman if this indeed has been an average day for him. After all, by my [...]

H Street Country Club Continues Its Glacial Movement Toward Opening

Joe Englert keeps teasing me about a blog item I wrote, calling for a moratorium on stories about the H Street Country Club until the place actually opens. Englert thinks that I secretly believe the indoor miniature golf/Tex-Mex joint will never open. As if to prove me wrong, we stop by the construction site so [...]

What Gets Done at Englert’s H Street NE Office? Drinking!

All outward appearances to the contrary, Joe Englert is not some overgrown man-child. He's a pretty serious-minded businessman, of which I was reminded when we took a taxi cab to his second office just off H Street NE. While in the cab, we had an in-depth discussion about the politics (and cash) required to get [...]

Joe Englert’s Office Is a Shrine to Stunted Adolescence

When Joe Englert goes to work, he doesn't drive to some sterile office building in Arlington. After a game of tennis with friend Matt Weiss, Englert is chauffeured to work in Weiss' black Lexus. His office? It's a converted garage on Capitol Hill, where Englert's modest desk takes up a tiny fraction of the space. [...]

Joe Englert Can Make You Suffer on the Tennis Court

He's better known for his ability to keep the District's twentysomethings entertained and well-lubricated, whether at the Capitol Lounge or at one of his playpens on H Street NE. But Joe Englert's preferred form of fun includes a morning tennis match, often against his sometime business partner and Lounge 201 owner Matt Weiss (both picture [...]

Partying Hard at D.C.’s Only Kenyan Restaurant

Once I find a door that actually opens at Safari DC, I walk in and ask for owner, William Mukabane. The older man who greets me says the owner's here but is not feeling too well. So he directs me to Mukabane's wife, Alice, a gracious woman who, despite a crowded bar and dining room, tries to [...]

Drumming Up Israeli Support on Georgia Avenue Today

The Latest on the Red Line Accident and Whether You Can Be Home by Midnight

The elderly woman who caused the Red Line to come to a standstill this morning at Gallery Place/Chinatown is apparently fine, according to Metro spokesman Steven Taubenkibel. The 68-year-old woman (Metro doesn't ID passengers by policy) was not hit by the train but merely fell onto the track. Her injuries are non-life-threatening.
"They were just very minor," [...]

Michelle Obama Wears Another Dress By a Cuban Designer

Clifford Pugh, a colleague from my old Houston days, writes in his Cliff Notes blog today that Michelle Obama's glittery, eye-catching gold dress was designed by Isabel Toledo, a Cuban-born American designer who once tried to inject a more modern style at Anne Klein, where the designer used to work.
"Her choice continues a penchant for [...]

Here’s One Way to Get a Spot for the Parade: Buy Out Central

The Presidential Inaugural Committee figured out a way to watch the parade and get something to eat besides sidewalk pretzels and half-smokes: The members rented out Central Michel Richard for the afternoon, according to General Manager Brian Zipin.
Committee members will be noshing on a luxuriant buffet spread, prepared and served by Central's superb cooks, as the parade [...]

Metro’s Red Line Has Limited Service After Accident

A woman was struck by a Metro Red Line train at 9:25 a.m. at the Gallery Place/Chinatown station, says Angela Gates, a Metro spokeswoman. The woman apparently survived the accident, but there are no details on her name or her exact condition, Gates says.
The accident has limited service on the Red Line, Gates says. Passengers [...]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog

I could cull this list from Google Analytics, which would be oh-so-democratic. It would also prove to you the power of popular search terms, the insular nature of the blog world, and the insatiable need for more Elvis sex tales. Screw that. Here's my personal fave list of this week's blog items:
1. Chef Art Smith [...]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog

Now, I know all you time-wasting trolls have a hard time surfing away from the smart, sophisticated commentary found on the City Desk blog to sample something new. I'm sympathetic to your plight. I realize how hard it is to move that mouse two inches further south on the City Paper home page and click [...]

The Sports Bar Come-Hither: Of Course We Have Your Game!

Sometimes I hate to admit it, but I love college football. I grew up in Nebraska. It was all we had really. So even though I'm old enough to know better, I still spend way too much time obsessing about the Cornhuskers. This Saturday offered ample proof.
The football team was playing the Kansas Jayhawks in a [...]

COK Executive Director Responds to My VegDC Contest Concerns

Erica Meier, the executive director of Compassion Over Killing, the animal advocacy organization that recently announced its Three Greeen Stars awards for the area's top vegetarian/vegan restaurants, promptly responded to my concerns and questions over this year's contest. Her unedited responses are below.
How many of the winners were part of COK's Restaurant Outreach Program?

Since COK launched [...]