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Twitter Digests Courtland Milloy’s Bitter Truth

Just before midnight, Washingtonians worked their “re-tweet” magic on Twitter and the “share” button on Facebook, expressing outrage over the latest Courtland Milloy op-ed in the Washington Post, in which Milloy animatedly breaks down what was wrong with the Fenty administration. Milloy’s non-spoon fed, non-sugar coated attitude is indeed not for the naïve or timid at heart when [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Barracks Row Goes Bananas Over Piano Bar Compromise

The Noise Issue: Residents living within earshot of Barracks Row on Capitol Hill were reaching for muffs upon hearing of the local Banana Cafe and Piano Bar's plans for expanded outdoor seating (from 28 to 50 seats) and later hours of operation (staying open until 2 a.m. Sundays through Thursdays and 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays).
The Deafening Dispute: Protesters arrived at the Advisory [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Deanwood Metrorail Service May Be Cut Short

The Issue: The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has proposed service reductions for the Deanwood Metrorail station, leaving some residents none too pleased. In an effort to balance its budget, WMATA proposed several ways to cut spending and spare riders another fare hike (though some people favor increased fares). One option is to close [...]

By The Numbers: Health Care Reform in D.C.

The passage of the health care reform bill was a big victory for the Obama administration—or, in Vice President Joe Biden's words, "a big fucking deal." But what does it mean for D.C.?
If you missed the link in Loose Lips Daily yesterday, let us recap. The House Energy and Commerce Committee—which obviously likes the bill—offers [...]

Hypnotist to Cure Snake Phobia Sought Over Listserv (It’s Working!)

Kimberly has been afraid of snakes for as long as she can remember. "I freeze up, have a panic attack. I can't breathe," she says. After discovering a few of them in the garage of her vacation home, she was left feeling so uncomfortable she didn't want to go back. She had the snakes removed, but Kimberly [...]

D.C.’s Data on Youth Health Behaviors Unusable

A widely used set of data measuring the health behaviors of D.C. youth has been rejected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because there wasn't a high enough response rate—something one local nonprofit called "an embarrassment for the city and a huge setback in our city’s attempt to 'measure' our successes."
Every two years, [...]

Owner of Now-Closed Posh Has No Plans to Replace It

It's been a week since the abrupt closure of Posh Restaurant and Supper Club. After a three-year run, management addressed its "valued patrons" in a statement on its Web site, highlighting the good times: playing host to movie premiere parties, staging karaoke, and providing live music acts.
So what happened?
Derek Newton, a restaurant consultant for Robert [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Are New Proposed Tax Bills for Mount Vernon Triangle Condo Associations Taxing?

The Issue: Condo associations in the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood are none too pleased with a proposed initiative of the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR). Under a pilot program, OTR would send one lump-sum tax bill to each condo association, rather than individual bills to each condo owner. So what? Condo associations don't [...]

Anti-Fenty Facebook Group Gets a Post-Snowstorm Boost

Blowhard Chris Matthews didn't like Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's snow removal performance. Neither did Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).
Nor, it turns out, did the myriad of people who have joined Charles Matiella's Facebook group, "Adrian Fenty needs to resign!!!"
Matiella, who has lived in the District since 2001 (in what neighborhood, he won't say), created the [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Rental of New School Theater in Bates Causes a Stir

The Issue: The opening of the Eckstine and Ellington Theatre within the Dorothy Height Community Academy Public Charter School (CAPCS) caused a stir among Bates neighborhood residents. The 850-seat state-of-the-art theater, along with other meeting and conference rooms, is available for rental by outside groups, and residents were caught off guard to learn that. Traffic [...]

Tai Shan the Matchmaker: Love, Through a Panda

To some, Tai Shan may just be the cute and cuddly panda that makes crowds "ooohhh" and "awwww" as he bounds around his habitat at the National Zoo. Little did anyone know, Tai Shan had a side job moonlighting as Cupid.
Frances Nguyen laughs lightly after a brief sigh. She fights back emotions as she reflects [...]

DDOT Exploring Circulator Route Across the Anacostia

D.C. residents living east of the Anacostia River may very well see the Circulator bus making stops in their neighborhood after all.
The Washington Business Journal reported yesterday that D.C. Department of Transportation officials are in discussions with the Anacostia Economic Development Corp. over a proposed Circulator route between Barracks Row in Capitol Hill and [...]

Rodent-Infested Rhode Island Avenue Safeway Reopens

The Safeway grocery at 514 Rhode Island Ave. NE that was shut down on Wednesday because of an apparent vermin infestation in the delicatessen has reopened. The question is: Are you brave enough to shop there?
The District's Department of Health ordered an immediate closure of the store after a routine inspection showed critical (and noncritical) [...]

Visions for MLK Avenue

Though celebrations and acknowledgments of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday have died down, City Desk feels the need to squeeze in at least one more tidbit on MLK—or at least the avenue named for him in Southeast D.C.
The blog South East Socialite conducted a poll this week to find out what visions residents in Congress [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Humping Around in Benning Ridge?

The Issue: Residents in Southeast’s Benning Ridge neighborhood are a bit befuddled about speed humps that seem to have magically appeared on a number of streets.  They may be necessary to calm traffic, but some are concerned the city's not going through the proper channels—getting permission from residents, conducting a traffic study—before installation.
According to a [...]