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Zimride Promises “Non-Creepy” D.C.-to-New York Hitchhiking

For her frequent seven-hour jaunts from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Calif., Julianna Iran, 26, often drives with strangers. But no one is a roadside hitchhiker or an anonymous Craigslist responder. Each just needs a ride to Southern California. And Iran doesn’t want to pay for the whole tank of gas to get there.
Rather than [...]

What MPD’s Condom Practice Means for the Transgender Community

Transgender individuals don’t have it easy in the District: The last time the District government studied the population, in 2000, it had a 42 percent unemployment rate, and 47 percent of the community didn't have health insurance.  To make ends meet, many end up in sex work as a last resort, transgender activist Jeri Hughes says—16 [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: TLC-Correct Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Little People, Big World: Without the context of "Fischer Price" in the subject line, a request from a member of the Georgetown email list could strike a nerve. The member writes, "If you are selling or want to get [...]

Something to Cluck About: RentACoop Brings Farm to Family

Juliana, 3, and August, 1, dashed into the backyard to gather a couple eggs from their coop. Their mother Pamela, followed behind, empty newspaper bag in tow, ready to pick up any overnight chicken poop.
Their eggs collected, Juliana and August headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. But this meal wasn't collected at a farm. [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: The Champagne Room Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
Pole Dancin' Pedicure: "There is a nail salon in the area that offers a private room for parties that includes a pole for dancing," writes a member of the Takoma Park email list. Another member adds, "They do not sell [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: ET Phone Home Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
War of the Cable Companies: "As Direct TV customers already know, they've lost programming due to an ongoing battle with Viacom, so I think that's just the motivation I need to finally move on from Direct TV," writes a member [...]

How Washingtonians Avoided the $1 Pepco Fee

Washington and Maryland residents both experienced power losses after the derecho, but the latter are suffering more—about a dollar more. The extra charge, meant to recover Pepco's lost revenue following the storm, is only likely to be about a buck, but it has people like Gawker's Drew Magary outraged enough to call Pepco "a collective [...]

Pepco’s Disconnect, Deeper Than Electrical

Less than 24 hours after she lost power, Anne Coventry received a phone call from Pepco. The automated voice told Coventry that crews had restored electricity to her neighborhood. Yet her house remained dark and overly hot. “It's bad enough to worry about being without power in the heat with an infant at home,” says [...]

New Bill Good News for Addicts, Partying Parents

A new District law meant to protect D.C. drug users could also have an unintended beneficiary: "cool" parents.
The Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Amendment Act of 2012 is intended to make it safer for drug users to call emergency services in case of another user's overdose by offering them legal protections. But it could also help [...]

“The Entire World Is Going to Kick Our Ass”: Supreme Court Crowd Reacts to Verdict

After the Supreme Court upheld most of the Affordable Care Act, City Desk ventured to the court to get reactions to the decision. Some people were thrilled, others weren't too happy

"I didn’t come to this country for slavery," says 70-year-old Susan Clark of Santa Monica, Calif. "I want Mount Rushmore. There’s not a Democrat on [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: So Special Edition Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
All-Caps Everything: We thought our grandmas were the only members of the rarefied class who still can't figure out the caps-lock button. But an overly excited member of the Shepherd Park email list proves us wrong: "WE CAN'T CHANGE [...]

Cabbies Crabby Over End of Gas Surcharge

The D.C. Taxicab Commission's $1 fuel surcharge on cab rides expired Wednesday. While customers may welcome the lower fare charge, District taxi drivers aren’t pleased.
“There is no fair rationale behind that,” Yellow Cab Company driver John Mills says. “They shouldn’t be able to just stick their finger up in the air and say the surcharge [...]

Georgetown Students to Pressure University Over Campus Plan

Just when Georgetown University’s administrators and the school’s neighbors finally came to an agreement on the 2010 Campus Plan last week, a new faction wants its demands met: the students. Angry about the concessions made to neighbors, students say they’re going to fight the plan when school starts again.
The plan presented by Georgetown and the [...]

Town vs. Gown, No More?

After two years of acrimonious discussions between Georgetown University and its neighbors, the school—with the help of Mayor Vince Gray—announced yesterday that it’s reached a deal for the 2010 Campus Plan. Details could become available as early as today.
The plan will create a framework for a Georgetown community partnership that will fix the area’s short- [...]

The Rent Is Too Damn High, Even With a Degree

An area defined by its cutthroat politics and gridlocked traffic doesn’t exactly scream “welcome.” But according to and, D.C. is the best city in America for recent college graduates.
With a $39,000 average entry-level salary and low unemployment rate, the District has the highest opportunity and earning potential of cities in the U.S., says Jennifer [...]