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Festival Frenzy Hits D.C.: Source Festival One-Acts (Group F)

Do you have a theater date for this weekend? Just as “Gone Fishin'” signs start popping up in box office windows of DC’s bigger theater houses for the summer, audiences are queuing up for at least three different experimental festivals. What stroke of genius assembled this bill of fare? Is Source the [...]

Update: Arena Stage Loses Legacy of Light‘s Carla Harting to Bike Accident

More on Carla Harting's bicycle mishap originally reported here.
“Break a leg” is the traditional, if superstitious, pre-curtain benediction for actors. It is not meant to be taken literally. Sadly, one of the stars of Arena Stage’s Legacy of Light, Carla Harting, suffered compound fractures in her left femur and tibia after getting hit [...]

Capital Fringe Turns Artists Away for Fourth Season

Maybe it’s a victim of its own success, but D.C.’s big summer theater party has too many people banging on the door this year. The Capital Fringe Festival, entering its fourth summer, saw a 50 percent increase in artist applications this year. Festival organizers decided to cap the number of hosted productions at [...]

Woolly Mammoth Still Crazy After 30 Years

Maybe the recent theater-building frenzy has hit a wall, maybe economic reality has checked in, but D.C. theaters are cutting back a little for the 2009-10 season. In 2007-08, while the paint was still drying on Harman Hall, Shakespeare Theatre Company expanded from five to eight shows; next year they’re down to seven. And Arena [...]

With 33 Variations and Next to Normal, Arena Stage Gives Its Regards to Broadway

Next to Normal at Arena
D.C.’s Arena Stage has been doing its fair share of boasting lately. In less than two months, goes the hype, not one but two Arena shows will be running simultaneously on Broadway. As if that weren't enough, Arena is calling itself the first regional theater to claim this honor twice, [...]