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What D.C. Adult Sports League Should I Join?

Maybe it’s the absurdly high concentration of people in their 20s, or maybe we’re just a city of joiners. But whatever the reason, D.C. boasts dozens of social sports—including at least four separate kickball leagues. Which one is right for you? Perhaps this chart can help:

Drivers Ed

D.C.'s car cell-phone ban is very wise, I discovered during my driving lesson this weekend. But I'd take it a step further: Don't let people talk in cars at all.
That's because conversation saps precious mental resources from such tasks as noticing stop signs. While silent, I drove like a pro, cruising at speeds upward of [...]

Drivers Ed

The other weekend, Jessica Gould went camping in lieu of driving, and she left me all alone with a new instructor: my boyfriend, Tim.
I wanted to put Tim at ease, to make him feel like he was not going to meet a low-speed demise in a Zipcar named "Yuletide." So I projected an easy confidence [...]

Drivers Ed

This week, Jessica Gould and I took to the mean streets of—well, of a high school parking lot, where we drove in circles. This may seem like a step down from our conquering of McLean last week, but parking lots are trickier than they sound. For one thing, a father-and-son duo kept tailgating us. They [...]