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Stadium Club Started as HIV/AIDS Nonprofit?


A District nonprofit that provides various social services took HIV/AIDS money to fix up a warehouse that's now a strip club. That's according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday by D.C. Attorney General Irv Nathan. Nathan is suing reformed city gangster Cornell Jones and his nonprofit—Miracle Hands—for $1 million because of the alleged shenanigans involved.
In court documents [...]

D.C. Cops Don’t Know Squat About Khat

A man who faced felony drug charges for dealing khat doesn't seem to be in trouble anymore. The Metropolitan Police Department stalked Ethiopian cafe owner Etana Shuremu as if he were the Rayful Edmond of the 5300 block of Georgia Avenue NW. For months, they sat on his Petworth storefront, learning [...]

A Sinister Laugh?

As details on the murder investigation of  91-year-old journalist-turned-socialite Viola Drath, who died in her Georgetown home on Aug. 12, have emerged, the narrative has seemed nothing short of hard-boiled crime fiction. That didn't change with the release of court documents today.
On Tuesday, Drath's 47-year-old husband Albrecht Muth, who reportedly got chummy with [...]

Gregory Kane’s Modest Proposal on Flash Mobs

We’re all wondering how to react to the scariest iterations of "flash mobs." On Sunday, a flash mob—an organized group that emerges and then disappears quickly, usually with the help of social media—reportedly descended on a 7-Eleven in Germantown, Md., where members allegedly stole snacks. It's a criminal activity we all want to see the end of.
One [...]

Sex Sting Aided By Classified Ads

This weekend, in  a 12-hour assault on prostitution, D.C. police arrested 74 people.
Some of the arrests were made in downtown hotels, some on District streets. According to Metropolitan Police Department Inspector Brian Bray, the operation, called "Off the Streets," was executed by vice officers from the Third District.
54 alleged johns were arrested, as well [...]

Is D.C. Down a Superhero?

D.C. may be getting a little less attention from a masked avenger sworn to defend it. Most people in the District combat crime by being "eyes on the street," ready to call 911 whenever a thug snatches an iPhone, but a few do more. They don tights and cape and roam the streets as colorfully [...]

Veteran Cop Hilton Burton Says He’ll Sue—Again

The D.C. cop who was just demoted after clashing publicly with Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier, Hilton Burton, says his lawyer is preparing yet another lawsuit against MPD. "They can say what they want," Burton says of getting his career shifted into reverse. "It's a bunch of shit."
Burton already has two civil suits pending against [...]

“This Is What I Do”

If a recent knock to the U.S. credit rating has made an already skittish American consumer even more so, you wouldn't know it standing in the cascade of flowing jerseys and bobbing baseball caps that swamped D.C. Sneaker Con this weekend, at the Atlas Performing Arts Center on H Street NE. Patrons bought [...]

D.C. Sneakerheads Are Conservatives?

Duk-ki Yu, owner of Major, a sneaker store in Georgetown, has been in the shoe game for a minute now. After 20 years of lusting after the contours of various well-designed soles, his personal "stash" of kicks includes thousands. He's had to move his sprawling collection (worth somewhere around $100,000, he guesses) into storage to [...]

Racism: One More Reason to Legalize Pot

In D.C. Superior Court on Tuesday, 36 people were scheduled to be arraigned for carrying marijuana. The alleged offenders were collared by police for marijuana possession in the latter half of July and the beginning of August, and faced up to six months in prison time and up to $1,000 in fines. Court records [...]

Courtland Milloy, Myopic Little Twit

Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy is trying his hand at being a twit.
After revving up a new Twitter account—@Courtland51—on Friday, it didn't take him long to get going. As of Tuesday afternoon, he'd racked up 43 tweets, was following 138 fellow users, and had collected 255 followers.
But Milloy isn't sure he likes it. Asked what he [...]

Police Chief Cathy Lanier’s Open Door Policy?

Despite the fact that, as this week's cover story points out, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier enjoys widespread popularity among D.C. residents, some cops aren't as adoring. Anti-Lanier police I've talked to say she's too strict of a disciplinarian and that her stringent approach to control was famously showcased in 2000, when she was [...]

Daycare Fight Emerges from “Purgatory”

Remember when a certain reformist-minded city administration went around closing stuff?
A group of  fired daycare workers and their union—the American Federation of Government Employees—certainly do. On Tuesday, they filed a $10 million lawsuit against the D.C. government, alleging city officials sabotaged the Department of Parks and Recreation child-care programs they worked for and illegally privatized [...]

Groomes on Cheating: “I Did What I Did”

Assistant Chief Dianne Groomes was at the center of the allegations that Metropolitan Police Department officers cheated on mandatory exams last year. And now she's got something to say about it: She did it.
Groomes says she tried to help some police brass pass a 50-question test whose deadline was imminent.
That seems to contradict a [...]

Cops Nab Driver Suspected Of Beating Up Cyclist

Cops believe they've caught the driver of a red Camaro that plowed into District cyclist Ian Barry in May.
Barry and his friend Saul Leiken (pictured above) say they were pedaling their bikes home along an Adams Mill Road NW bike lane when the Camaro tried to make a turn into a nearby alley; the [...]