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Our Morning Roundup

Sarah Palin: friend to Washington insiders? Ah hah! I knew it all along. It's true. Or, at least, it was on two separate occasions before the announcement of her VP candidacy. The New Yorker writes about how Palin hosted editors and writers from the Weekly Standard and the National Review in Alaska in 2007.

Battle of the politically-minded egos! Over at Slate, Bob Woodward, Ron Suskind, and Jacob [...]

Our Morning Roundup

Liza Mundy wrote a book about Michelle Obama. It was not a fun project. Read her account at

When Ted Koppel was an NBC page, he "dated his way through the Radio City Rockettes." Today's pages may not all be having quite as much fun (the usual tasks: "$10 an hour to photocopy, fetch [...]

Our Morning Roundup

Wondering what others were thinking as you muddled through the second presidential debate last night? Well, here's your roundup in a roundup. Live blogs!

First and foremost, our very own Amanda Hess (or as she's known a few clicks over, the Sexist) on City Desk. 

Next up, The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan says Obama "wiped the floor" with McCain at his [...]

Our Morning Roundup

Hard to believe, but apparently true: "Woman slain after refusal to cook hamburger,"  the Washington Post reports. The incident took place near Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens. 

It's been a year since the DeOnte Rawlings shooting. The Washington Post's Courtland Milloy has heard Officer James Haskell's version of what happened that day. "Haskell's account, which absolves him, is [...]

Our Morning Roundup

*School recess outsourced? Turns out, yes, according to the Washington Post. In the past two years, principals at 14 elementary and middle schools in the District have brought in non-profit recess instructors to teach and run games, and supervise the kids. "Knowing how to play in a healthy way is not an innate skill. It's [...]

On June 30, 2009, Buy an Apartment

I wish I could have written the article that accompanied the headline above. Better yet, I wish I could have written that headline (It's sharp, and eye-catching! One for the journalism textbooks!)
Unfortunately, I'm not James J. Cramer. He wrote the piece, published in this week's New York magazine.
Cramer provides 10 reasons why he believes the [...]

Our Morning Roundup

*Finally, a little bit of election craziness has come to D.C.: At-Large Councilmember Carol Schwartz, a 24-year incumbent, loses! The Board of Election and Ethics pulled a Florida! Ward 2 candidate, Cary Silverman, is refusing to concede until all the votes are counted! “Not while there’s still precincts out,” he says. “We can’t say anything [...]

If Bristol Palin Lived in 1970s D.C….

...She might be heading to Webster Girls' School, at 10th and H Streets downtown. Yes, long before Zaytinya was serving up Mediterranean tapas to lobbyists and lawyers a block away, or "Verizon" even existed as a company let alone a sports center, Penn Quarter was home to a little public school for pregnant [...]

The Republican Party is Really White Roundup

Watching the Republican convention this week, I couldn't help but think in Wolf Blitzer-like racial generalizations: the crowd was so white, and so old. Every single time a reporter nabbed a non-white person to interview, I was impressed. Wow, they found one. I wondered if the few black and Hispanic people in the [...]

Shaw Murder Case Update

A few months back, I wrote a story about crews in Shaw and the murder of Deon Peoples in January 2007. Two defendants were being held in connection with the crime. Ben Barringer had been arrested last summer; Jeffrey Bright was taken into policy custody in April. As I was wrapping up the piece, I [...]

Our Morning Roundup

I'm tempted to do a roundup of just Sarah Palin-related items: Sarah Palin news, Sarah Palin analysis, possibly a Sarah Palin picture or two. A Sarah Palin interview? Couldn't find it. But, what the hell, first I'll throw in a few other stories—appetizers to the entree.
*City Paper alum Rachel Beckman is mad at her Facebook [...]

Update on “Columbia Heights East” Property

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a condominium for sale in this multi-unit townhouse in Petworth or "Columbia Heights East," as a listing described it. The piece was for our Buyer's Market feature, which examines properties that have undergone significant price reductions. As of mid-August, the unit—located at 735 Rock Creek Church Road [...]

I Vote for Pam

Personally, I thought Barack Obama's speech last night was a tad humdrum. He got a little feisty, for him. But, the challenges to his opponent—"John McCain has voted with George Bush ninety percent of the time"—still seemed staid. He said what he need to say, but for some reason, the deliverance fell, mmmm, I [...]

Our Morning Roundup

-Check out the Washington Post's convention coverage for updates on Denver. However, if you've visited City Desk any time in the last two days, then you know Loose Lips is the hardest working man in Colorado right now. Check out his posts here.
-And now we honor one of our City Paper forefathers, David Carr, [...]

The Most Mispronounced Word in D.C.

This week, students began classes at Gallaudet University, the nation's preeminent school for the deaf, and probably the most mispronounced institution in the city.
Yes, little acknowledged fact about Gallaudet—nearly everyone (hearing people included) says the name incorrectly.
So, your friends pronounce it this way. And your boss. And the people that mention it on the street. [...]