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Watergate Sold for $25 Million

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Student Portraits: Rapper, Fashionista, Exam-Taker

Portrait of a Student as a Young Rapper

Alonzo is an aspiring rapper. He's originally from Bed-Stuy (like Biggie!), but now resides in Petworth. Around 3:30 p.m. today, we catch him hanging by the entrance to the Tenleytown Metro Station with his friends. As he raps, a friend records the song.
Brockett says he's been out [...]

District Dude Runs Out of Gas, Suffers Below-Average Day

We left Keith here. Sad place, right?
February 19 is not being kind to Keith.
"This is not my average day," he tells me. "This is an unfortunate situation."
Keith identifies existing, underground utility lines for a living. Too bad, he failed to see what was right in front of him: His gas gauge.
Right now, his car has [...]

What? The Gas Meters Haven’t Been Hooked Up Yet?

Today, I'm spending my time with Carlos Iglesias, a construction consultant in the District who helps builders stay in compliance with city codes.
After our first stop for the day, Iglesias and I head to another condo building on Bladensburg Road in Northeast. This 18-unit structure is almost done. But—and this is a maaaaaaajor 'but'—Washington Gas [...]

The “Believer in the Code” Makes His Rounds

As a construction consultant, Carlos Iglesias spends a lot of time checking things. He started working at sites as a 12-year-old, assisting his dad with carpentry work. At 16, he apprenticed with an architect, and began reading D.C.'s building code books like they were old testament scrolls.
"I'm a believer in the code," he says today. [...]

Proper Construction Site Attire

This is Carlos Iglesias. After spending a few hours together, I would deem him an above-average District citizen. He's a diligent 24-year-old, who lives with this wife and two young children in Ward 4, where he was born and raised. Besides the Ward 4 connection, he has some Adrian Fenty-esque tendencies: By the time he's [...]

Obama Administration Wannabes Unite!

To the uninitiated, the apolitical, the name of this group looks a lot like a typo. "The Junior State of America." What's that?
Well, that is a national group of youth who are destined for greatness and influence. Former White House Press Secretary Michael McCurry put it like this, on the occasion of tonight's Junior State [...]

Our Morning Roundup

Mitt Romney! Holy Cow! What have you been up to? As son of a successful auto exec, Romney has decided to throw his two cents in about the big three carmaker bailout. In yesterday's New York Times, he penned an opinion piece with a clear message: don't even think about it. "If General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout [...]

Our Morning Roundup

Michelle Rhee fires her third principal this year, reports the Washington Post. The woman decides to not go quietly into the night: "In a phone interview yesterday evening, [the principal] said she had been 'set up' by District officials. She said she was put in charge of the Anacostia middle school without the resources made available to [...]

14th and U Streets, 11:30 p.m.

After a long day, my camera battery died approximately ten minutes after I took these shots. But, never fear, I am told there are plenty more images on the way.

The Scene at Station 9, the DC For Obama Party

I just got back from the DC for Obama party at Station 9 (on U Street), which was ca-raaaaaaaay-zee! The first floor was packed from wall to wall, with a huge screen showing CNN to masses of people standing in the middle section of the restaurant. Upstairs, there was a V.I.P room. I was told [...]

***Final Words From the Best Political Team at***

The Questions: When will the election be called? What will be the most intense and dramatic reactions to the results? What will Sarah Palin be up to in ten years?
The Sexist:
Wolf Blitzer will call the election for Obama at 11 p.m. In the following days, a bunch of hill people—like not Capitol Hill people, or [...]

More Volunteers Than Voters at Precinct 10

Precinct 10 is the Horace Mann Community Center on Newark Street in Wesley Heights.  As of 3:45, 1,535 people had voted here. According to the precinct captain, Arlester Brown, there are a little over 4,000 people registered to vote here. So, hopefully, the after-work rush brought considerable crowds.
More volunteers than voters...
The Mild Mild West's trench [...]

The Schwartz Machine

From left to right: Murray Belman and James Lowe at Horace Mann Elementary School in Wesley Heights.
James Lowe is here 'til the end. The Wesley Heights resident arrived at Horace Mann Elementary School, just west of American University, at roughly 3:15 p.m. and plans to leave when the polls close at 8 p.m. [...]

Our Morning Roundup

Virginia: the next Florida? Okay, now this is something I haven't read 500 trillion times before. The NAACP filed a lawsuit against Virginia alleging that the state is unprepared to serve its greatly increased body of voters, according to the Washington Post.  "Never have so many people in the region registered to vote, and with the [...]