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Hoya April Fools’ Issue Follow Up

For a full recap of what happened at the forum on the Hoya's April Fools' edition, head over to Vox Populi, where they also liveblogged the forum.

“Beer Garden is Not Our Term.”

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More on the beer garden proposed near National's Stadium in D.C.
Andrew J. Kline, representing Robert "Bo" Blair, said at a March 25 meeting of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board that his client wants to create a "festival site with amenities" near National's Stadium, but that "beer garden is not our term, I don't [...]

April Fools’ Fallout: The Hoya Posts Joke Edition Online, Says It’s Really, Really Sorry

For those of you still wondering about all that hullabaloo surrounding the April Fools' edition of The Hoya last week, you're in luck! The staff of Georgetown University's student newspaper has posted the PDF for your viewing pleasure.
Dozens of students, angry about what they considered inflammatory articles, staged a sit-in at the newspaper’s office last [...]

When April Fools’ Editions Go Bad: Georgetown Students Protest at Hoya Offices

The hits just keep on coming over at the Hoya. Like we warned on Monday, April Fools' issues can cause more problems than they are worth.
Dozens of Georgetown University students, angry about what they perceived as racially-inflammatory articles in the Hoya’s April Fools’ issue, staged a sit-in at the newspaper's office last night.

Thousands of Issues of Catholic University Student Newspaper Trashed Across Campus

Thousands of issues of the Catholic University of America’s student newspaper, The Tower, were stolen and thrown into recycling bins across campus on Friday evening.
Several issues of the paper were ripped up and placed in front of the newspaper office, and a comic that ran in the paper was ripped out and taped next to [...]

GW Student Newspaper Releases April Fools’ Edition a Bit Early

The GW Hatchet has released their April Fools' issue a bit early this year, featuring fake stories about the school mascot undergoing torture, former VP Cheney taking over GW Hospital, and a fake Twitter account of their university president.
For the staffs of college newspapers, it's the one day of the year it's okay to just [...]

Cardinal’s Nest Show Showdown Today at D.C. ABRA

The D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration has ordered Cardinal's Nest owner Darrell Green, a former D.C. police officer, to appear before the board today to answer multiple charges: that he allowed underage drinking; allowed beverages to be sold that were not for consumption inside of the establishment; permitted the sale of back drinks (translation: double-fisting); [...]

Video: Free Rita’s Water Ice Patrons Include Reed & Oyster Elementary School Students, Ice-Loving Businessmen

The hours left in the first day of spring are winding down, be sure you get your free cup of Rita's Water Ice before the day is over!
Rita's free ice promotion is running until stores close (either 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. depending on the store) so get over and get yourself some ice! Use this tool [...]

The Evolution of the Yearbook Photo: From Ed Liddy to John Slattery to Now

As I selected my senior yearbook photo via the world wide interwebs this week, I took a minute to think about the difference between the presentation of those images today versus previous generations.
Today, photography companies are offering many ways to make yourself look better. There are options for retouching and removing scars, tan lines, moles, [...]

UPDATE: Man Hit, Killed by Train at McPherson Square Station, Likely Intentional, Delays Expected

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UPDATED: 3:08 p.m.
The victim was a male, there was no age available at the time, and the preliminary investigation indicates it was intentional, according to a WMATA spokesman. There were several witnesses and authorities will be reviewing surveillance footage from the station.
UPDATED 3:05 p.m.
A person was struck and killed by blue line train [...]

This Weekend: Pat Hamou’s Real Machers at DCJCC Begs For Hollywood Treatment

Editor's Note: This is an expansion of this week's City Lights Pick for Real Machers (pronounced MOKH-er), at the Ann Loeb Bronfan Gallery at the D.C. Jewish Community Center near 16th & Q NW.

Graphic designer Pat Hamou first spotted a mug shot of Murder Inc. hit man Abe “Kid Twist” Reles in the New York [...]

Average Day: John Culberson (R-TX)

Think politicians are paralyzed by Twitter? That's just the beginning.

Meet John Culberson. He's a Republican from Texas. He's on Twitter. He's also on Qik, a video streaming service for anybody with a Blackberry or a camera-phone. We missed our chance to have him feed our Average Day D.C. blog machine.
Culberson recorded an almost 18-minute-long video [...]

Write Like Obama?!

Still craving your fix of Obama web goodies?
How's this for economic stimulation–a company has developed a font called "44th President" based on the hand-writing of President Barack Obama. Now you too, can write like the president–for the low, low price of $15.95 (20 percent of the proceeds will go to charity, says the webpage).
If only [...] “Like Facebook for Old People.”

A blonde haired student picks up her Blackberry. It's another e-mail from
"It's not for me," the Catholic University student quickly points out. "It's for my mom."
Justine G. (how she asked to be identified to keep up a "positive image" in her Google search results) is a sophomore media studies major from Allentown, PA. She [...]

Average Day’s College Lunch (Video)

Footage of an average day's lunch at Catholic University's food court, which includes Chick-fil-A.