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Bloomingdale United

I grossly miscalculated this thing. The plan was to walk around my neighborhood—the perennially chill, increasingly crunchy Bloomingdale—and then head to U Street, and then get to the White House just as Ohio or Florida broke for the winning candidate in order to shoot choppy footage on my white iPhone.
Instead, Karl Rove is playing fuzzy [...]

Tepid Enthusiasm Downtown as First Round of Polls Closes

You can order Elephant and Donkey cocktails at Lincoln Restaurant down by McPherson Square on Vermont NW. The table is set for parties. There's a pretty girl in an Elmo costume (Mitt Romney, PBS, etc.). There's a guy with game-show-host hair patrolling the VIP lounge (not a whole lot in here once you dip through). [...]

The Least Political Watch Party in Farragut Square

The Bottom Line on I Street NW is one of the closest bars to the White House. On most weeknights, happy-hour worker bees sport tucked in dress shirts and nod to Dave Matthews. The urinal in the men's room is awkwardly close to the sink. It's a basement joint with aged white tablecloths and ESPN across four or so [...]

A Summertime Nationals Fan in October

I am out of the office the rest of the day but will return on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012. Please contact the front desk with any pressing issues. Have a great afternoon.
Configuring the Outlook inbox was the day’s top thrill. Minutes later I’m on the cautious, emotionally fragile Green Line with the quiet people: It's [...]