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The Answers Column: How Are Segways Regulated in D.C.?

How are Segways regulated in D.C.?

Segways are not considered motor vehicles in the District; they fall under the category of "personal mobility device." They follow D.C. bicycle laws, which means Segway users aren't required by law to wear a helmet and aren't required to use bike lanes except in the Central Business District (which covers the [...]

The Answers Column: How Did Frying Pan Road Get its Name?

How did Frying Pan Road get its name?
The disappointing lack of imagination in today's suburban street names (Babbling Brook Lane, anyone?) makes Frying Pan Road in Herndon, Va., a bit of an oddity. The name evokes both a longing for a bacon and a nostalgia for days when street names signified a history richer than [...]