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Ballers and Cents: Why Is the District Helping Buy Land for a D.C. United Stadium?

When it comes to stadium financing, the private sector ain’t what it used to be.
Consider the Verizon Center. When Abe Pollin, the former owner of the building and its primary tenants, the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals, died four years ago, every tribute made sure to note that he’d paid to construct the downtown arena [...]

The Needle: Surveillance Blimp Edition

Zeppelin Security: The Army is planning to deploy 74-meter blimps over the District to keep us safe from aerial threat. At 10,000 feet above the ground, the blimps will be able to scan for missiles, drones, and ships—they'll see all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. The good news: No one will be able to [...]

Crafty Bastards: The Fair So Nice, We Held It Twice

Crafty Bastards, the indie arts and crafts fair sponsored by Washington City Paper, will return to Union Market this year—for two days.
The fair will run Saturday, Sept. 28, and Sunday, Sept. 29, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets will cost $5, and they'll be available for purchase starting Aug. 29. City Paper held Crafty [...]

Pigskins Shame Spiral: Art Monk and Darrell Green

The Pigskins Shame Spiral is an occasional feature tracking developments related to the name of D.C.'s beloved football team.
Who: Hall of Fame wide receiver Art Monk (No. 81 in your programs, No. 1 in receiving yards) and Hall of fame cornerback Darrell Green.
Change the name? It should be "seriously considered" (Monk) and "deserves and warrants [...]

Perry Stein Will Run City Desk

Good news, readers: This blog will soon become much more active.
Washington City Paper has hired Perry Stein, who's now a D.C.-based reporter at Talking Points Memo, to take charge of City Desk and write longer news and feature pieces, starting Aug. 12.
She's covered South Florida for her hometown Miami Herald, written for the Wall Street Journal, and [...]

The Needle: In Congress, Opinions Are Like Assholes Edition

Express Yourself: Voters approved an amendment to the Home Rule Charter in April that would allow D.C. to spend locally raised money without waiting for Congress to appropriate it to us by an overwhelming 81-13 margin. The official word from the House of Representatives: Well, that's just your opinion. Literally—a report issued by the GOP-controlled [...]

Washington Post on Hoodies: Perfect and Utilitarian, or the Uniform of Thugs?

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen wrote this morning that Trayvon Martin was killed because he was wearing "a certain uniform," one that he tells Politico are "what's worn by a whole lot of thugs."
That uniform—a hooded sweatshirt—is described like this on the Post's online store (brought to Washington City Paper's attention by the Huffington Post's Aaron [...]

The Needle: Yup, It’s Hot Edition

Under the Dome: That unpleasant feeling you got if you made the mistake of venturing outside today will continue most of this week, thanks to what forecasters call a "heat dome" that's landed on top of the Mid-Atlantic. The good news: Last year, we had more heat waves like this. The bad news: It's still [...]

The Needle: Expensive Edition

We Need Some Money: Living modestly in the D.C. area requires $88,615 for the average family of four, according to a new study by the Economic Policy Institute. That makes this the second-most expensive region in the country, behind only New York (finally, a category where every Washingtonian is happy to cede the top spot [...]

The Needle: Sandwich Edition

This (Sandwich) Town: To review This Town, Mark Leibovich's poison-pen letter to wide swaths of official Washington media and political operatives, the New York Times turned to David Shribman, the editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and a former Boston Globe Washington bureau chief. How former? Shribman "departed a decade ago," he says. Maybe that explains [...]

Introducing the Pigskins Shame Spiral

Last year, after Deadspin highlighted the long-time policy of the Kansas City Star not to print the name of D.C.'s football team, Washington City Paper held a vote on how to change the in-house style here for referring to the team, whose actual name is defined in the dictionary as a "usually offensive" term for [...]

The Needle: Do You Know Where Your Pandas Are? Edition

Run Rusty Run: No one on Twitter could resist the Edward Snowden-Rusty the Red Panda parallels this morning, as news of the panda's disappearance from the National Zoo broke. Both were sought by federal agencies (the entire national security apparatus in Snowden's case, the zoo in Rusty's), both had escaped from locations that should have been [...]

The Needle: April Fool’s Day Edition

Voting is for Fools: Primary elections for mayor, D.C. Council chairman, and other District offices look likely to remain on April 1—April Fool's Day—next year. Lawmakers had talked about making it a bit later, but they can't get consensus on a new date. No word on whether the results of the elections will be treated [...]

The Needle: Yeezus Edition

Yo, Kanye, I'm Really Happy for You: U Street Music Hall will play the new Kanye West album, Yeezus, on what's widely considered one of the best sound systems in town tomorrow night. New father West is, after all, the Michael Jordan of music*, so it should be worth checking out. (*: Self-declared) +1
Gentrification Everywhere: [...]

The Needle: Calm Before the Storm Edition

Derecho II: Electric Boogalo: Call it another derecho or not, but tonight and tomorrow could bring damaging thunderstorms to the region. (Even the congressional baseball game could be canceled!) Those of you who went without power for days last summer may just want to leave town now. -3