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The Washington Post’s New Publisher Co-Founded Politico

Katharine Weymouth gets axed.

How to Make a Newspaper Cover Out of Hops and Malt

This week's print Washington City Paper is all about beer. And if the text of the cover headline—"The Beer Issue"—didn't make that clear enough, the stuff it's made out of probably did. Art Director Carey Jordan created the issue's logo, cover, and an inside spread out of beer ingredients supplied by 3 Stars Brewing Company (which City Paper contributor Aaron Morrissey had [...]

The Needle: Delayed Homicide

Guns Kill People: Former White House press secretary James Brady's death this week was due to injuries suffered when would-be Ronald Reagan assassin John Hinckley shot Brady in the head, the Virginia medical examiner's office ruled. Brady's death counts as a 2014 D.C. homicide for statistics. Don't expect this to do much to help bring sanity to public discourse [...]

Here’s What That App That Helps You Avoid “Sketchy” Areas Says About D.C.

A new iPhone app co-founded by former District residents called SketchFactor launched Friday. It's the latest attempt to crowdsource the entirely subjective impressions a lot of people have of the cities they live in, in the name of public safety. Ostensibly, the idea is to help people avoid "sketchy" areas, but even the app's creators acknowledged before [...]

District Line Daily: Kids Invade the Darndest Buildings

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The White House is one of the most secure buildings on the planet (well, unless your [...]

The Needle: Push It Real Good

Keep On Pushing: A new app called Push for Pizza launched recently, possibly as part of a test of just how easily people's dopey ideas can get other people to give them money if they involve smartphones (the answer: very, very easily). Using the app here in the District requires just one extra step that isn't needed in the [...]

Watch Lightning Strike D.C.

When Sunday night's thunderstorm came through D.C., Jason Morenz shot these photos of lightning from a roof overlooking Malcolm X Park at 15th and Belmont streets NW and put them together into the animated GIF above.
No word yet on whether Gozer the Gozerian showed up later in the evening.
Photos by Jason Morenz

City Paper Will Pay Your $25 Marijuana Fine

At midnight tonight, the District's law decriminalizing possession of less than an ounce of marijuana for personal use takes effect. Get stopped with a small amount of weed in your pocket today, and you could be facing six months in prison and a $1,000 fine. Wait until tomorrow, and you'll pay just $25. (As the [...]

Washington City Paper Wins Alt-Weeklies Awards

It was a good Saturday afternoon in Nashville, Tenn., for Washington City Paper. When the 2014 Association of Alternative Newsmedia awards were announced at the group's annual convention there, two City Paper staffers won first-place awards for their work last year, and a package we put together on D.C.'s changing marijuana laws got second-place honors.
Staff photographer Darrow Montgomery was [...]

D.C. Still Loves the World Cup

The U.S. and Portugal played to a (last-second, extremely painful to watch the end of) 2-2 draw last night in Manaus, Brazil, and once again, the TV market where the match got the highest rating was D.C.
USA-Portugal posts a 9.1 overnight; DC -13.3, Columbus-12.6, NYC- 12.5, Boston- 11.5, Hartford/New Haven-11.3, Providence-11.2, ATL 11.1
— Keri Potts [...]

D.C. Had ESPN’s Highest Rating for the U.S.-Ghana World Cup Game

It didn't only feel like everyone in town was watching the World Cup Monday night—they actually were.
The U.S.-Ghana match in Natal, Brazil, got a higher rating in D.C. than anywhere else in the country last night, ESPN said Tuesday. A total of 11.1 million people per minute were watching the game nationwide; in D.C., the broadcast [...]

Now There’s a Rap Song About Rockville

First, there was "Arlington: The Rap." Now the Maryland suburbs are getting in on the action, too.
A video tribute to Rockville (where, in the spirit of full disclosure, I'll note that I grew up) appeared on YouTube this week, full of shots of iconic local businesses—Womack Pest Control, Quartermaine Coffee Roasters, Second Story Books—and lyrics [...]

Garrett Graff Is Leaving Washingtonian

Washingtonian editor Garrett Graff, who took over in 2009, will leave the magazine in June, publisher Cathy Merrill Williams announced today.
Hired at only 28 to replace his 75-year-old predecessor, Jack Limpert, who'd run the place for decades, Graff presided over a reinvention of the monthly magazine's front-of-the-book section, which he'd edited before taking over. Washingtonian won a Livingston Award for [...]

Yes, Dan Snyder’s Latest Maneuver Is a Shameless PR Stunt. But Why Not Let Him Give Away Some Money?

Tomorrow, the Washington Pigskins will announce that they're forming a new organization called the Original Americans Foundation. In a letter to fans, team owner Dan Snyder says he's realized, in the course of his PR-driven visits to friendly Native American tribes around the nation, that things have not been going so well for most Native Americans, mostly [...]

Chatter: Judgement Day

In last week’s cover story, writer Jeffrey Anderson reported that a D.C. Department of Employment Services administrative law judge had been hearing workers’ compensation cases for years without a valid law license and explored the heavy caseload—and sparse oversight—the judges have. Readers weren’t necessarily surprised by the revelation. “I did meet a judge once who really seemed on [...]