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Neighborhood News Roundup: There is Trouble With the Trees Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Isengard on 18th Street: If you think the recent street construction on 18th Street NW has made for a sudden lack of shade, you’re not alone. One reader on the Adams Morgan email list wonders, “Has the destruction of [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: Burrowing Wasp Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
Not the Bees! Not the…Oh, Wait, They Aren’t Bees: As previously noted, Chevy Chase parents have voiced concerns about a proliferation of bees terrorizing their toddlers at a sandbox in Lafayette Park. But one reader on the neighborhood email [...]

Today in D.C. History: Post Publisher Commits Suicide

On Aug. 3, 1963, former Washington Post publisher Philip Graham, having struggled with severe bouts of depression for at least five years, went into the bathroom of his family farm near Marshall, Va., and committed suicide with a 28-gauge shotgun.
Four months prior, the 48-year-old Graham had delivered a famous and oft-quoted speech to Newsweek correspondents [...]

Today in D.C. History: District’s Virginia Territory Retroceded to Old Dominion

The District didn’t always resemble a piece of squareish bread with a huge bite-size chunk missing. Once upon a time—more than 160 years ago—Arlington County and part of the city of Alexandria fell within the District's limits, completing a full diamond that spanned the Potomac River.
Or at least it did until 1847, when the federal [...]

Video: Tattooed Activists Speak Out, Show Off Their Inked D.C. Pride

We've already shown you some pictures from Tuesday's Flags in the Flesh rally in Dupont Circle, where D.C. residents met to show off their D.C. flag tattoos and speak out for voting rights. We also chatted with a few of the organizers and attendees, including former D.C. Council candidate and community activist Bryan Weaver and [...]

Welcome to Our Strife, Tattoo

Many a District resident is willing, on petitions and in online comment boxes, to voice support for D.C. voting rights. But does your passion run deep enough to ink it on your skin?
Several score of people gathered in Dupont Circle earlier this evening to prove they would go so far in demonstrating pride for their [...]

Fed Workers: Um, Actually, We Don’t Suck

Seeking to take advantage of the attention that Jon Stewart will bring to D.C. this weekend, a group of federal workers said they will also head to the Mall to plead a different case: basically, for the majority of America to stop hatin’.
GovLoop, a social network of over 30,000 government employees, will hold its rally–dubbed [...]

Police Seek Vehicle in U Street Shooting

Some updates on the U Street drive-by shooting, after talking to Metropolitan Police Department officials:
In addition to a corpse, cops found a man with a gunshot wound to the shoulder inside the upended SUV near 11th and U streets NW. He was taken to the hospital with "non-life-threatening" injuries. So far, authorities know of only one [...]