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In Deanwood, a Neighborhood Market Stands Up for the Good Old Days

Irvin Parker likes to sit in a chair by the window of his corner store on Sherriff Road and 46th Street NE, a particularly good vantage point to scan both the inside of his modest market and the neighborhood that has changed outside.
Parker, 69, is the second generation of his family to run Deanwood’s Suburban [...]

What Legalized Weed Could Look Like in D.C.

One Friday evening in the not-too-distant future, you leave the Metro after work and stop to do some errands on your way home. You pick up your dry cleaning. You swing by the grocery store to get some milk. And you’re going to a party later that night, so you stop at the liquor store [...]

Ink Progress: D.C. Wants New Tattoo Regulations. Bollocks.

Paul Roe is staring at the naked back of a customer, admiring his colleague’s work. “The palate matches her complexion,” Roe tells fellow tattoo artist Aaron Trimiar of his just-completed design, a floral pattern stretching from the middle of the customer’s back to her shoulder blade. “She can wear anything with this and it will [...]

Disc Management: Can Professional Ultimate Frisbee Make It in D.C.?

On a steamy day in early July, the D.C. Breeze struggled through its last game of the season. Playing in front of an animated crowd of 100 at Anacostia High School’s football stadium, the Breeze fought valiantly, though they eventually succumbed to the league-leading Toronto Rush, 31-17.
The loss capped off a rocky first season for [...]

Spies Like Them: The NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum Is an Open Secret

For as secretive as the National Security Agency can be—it’s jokingly been referred to as “No Such Agency” or “Never Say Anything”—it hides in plain sight just north of D.C. Unlike its better-known clandestine counterpart in Langley, you can drive right up to the NSA’s entrance; it isn’t more than a quick exit off of [...]

Weed Certified: D.C.’s Medical Marijuana Rules Won’t Help Everyone

The D.C. government may not be sure the pain of Kristin’s endometriosis needs to be treated, but she is. “It can be very, very sharp and stabbing, it can be very deep and gnawing,” she says. “Sometimes it feels like all of your organs are being dragged out of your body.”
The 31-year-old Eckington resident, pictured [...]