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Neighborhood Watch: Bloomingdale and the McMillan Sand Filtration Site

The Issue: Plans for the McMillan Sand Filtration site were unveiled back in December. As City Paper reported, developers Vision McMillan Partners want retail, over 1.000 units of housing, 400,000 square feet of office space, and 8 acres of green. But don't be fooled into thinking that its all done and hasn't been up [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Columbia Heights and the Civic Plaza

The Issue: All eyes are on the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza after the Prince of Petworth posted a sneak preview of construction so far. Engineers were out testing the fountains this morning, and Vincent Kumordzie, resident engineer, says it's all pretty much done. What's left? Planting and landscaping on 14/15 September...completed by 25 September. So [...]

The Constant Gardeners: D.C’s Plots Go Under the Lens

D.C. documentary film maker Cintia Cabib has captured some diverse slices of local life in her time. She's revealed the unexpected role the Glen Echo carousel played in the civil rights movement, the struggles of El Salvadoran immigrants, and the joys of a marathoner who juggles as he runs. Now she's making her first hour-long [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Ward 8 and the Washington Highlands Library

The issue: Washington Highlands residents are happy about getting a new library. But some want a lot more say in the process, including what it looks like. While the Mount Pleasant community had 12 design meetings before settling on a plan, Highlands has had only three. British 'starchitect' David Adjaye's eye-catching design, with its jutting [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Anacostia and Those Pesky Overhead Wires…Again

The Issue: The 11th Street Bridge Replacement Project hopes to improve the transport connection between Southeast-Southwest freeway and the Anacostia Freeway. Jolly good plan, DDOT, says the National Capital Planning Committee (NCPC). Except for the proposed streetcar overhead wires, obviously.
Opponent: A new NCPC report says: "The Commission does not support a streetcar system with overhead [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Shaw Residents vs. The Park Service

The issue: Shaw residents are infuriated by delays at the National Park Service (NPS). They want the agency to hurry up and develop three vacant, rundown properties in the neighborhood, including the Carter G. Woodson Home National Historical Site. Is NPS doing all it can?

No: Irate resident Ray Milefsky writes on the Shaw listserv: "You, [...]

Neighborhood Watch: 14th Street and the Arts Overlay District Committee

The Issue: The Uptown Arts Overlay District Committee has been struggling with how to keep 14th Street—between Thomas Circle and U Street—an artsy mecca. The booming restaurant scene stands accused of provoking rent hikes, a development that leaves arts and retail struggling. According to a new committee report, "by the end of 2009 this district [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Pleasant Plains and the Howard Town Center

The Issue: The Pleasant Plains Civic Association hosted a meeting last night to discuss the Howard Town Center development on Georgia Ave. The center will include 400-450 rental units and a 24-hour supermarket. Over 70 people turned out to discuss the pros and cons.
Proponent: Darren Jones, chair of the Pleasant Plains Civic Association says: "I [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Rock Creek Park and Deer Burgers

The Issue: Should we shoot the deer? The National Park Service (NPS) is trying to decide how to deal with the white-tailed deer population. They've been mating like rabbits and eating all the shrubs.
Proponent: Adrienne Colman, Superintendent of Rock Creek Park, says: "It's just one of the options. Montgomery County has been sharpshooting for some [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Mount Pleasant and the Festival Latino

The Issue: The Festival Latino is set to return to Mount Pleasant at the end of September. Or is it? Some local residents and businesses are not completely stoked about the idea.
Proponent: Alberto Ferrufino of Don Juan restaurant says: "We support the festival 100%. There are a few people here who think they are the [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Brookland

Regular updates on D.C. community issues!
The Issue: The Abdo – Catholic University of America (CUA) development. It fits in with the Small Area Plan (SAP) aimed at rejuvenating Brookland. Both sides of Monroe Street are to be made over, bringing 725 condos units to the area, along with a number of new retail outlets and [...]

Yes! Organic Opens. Again.

Georgia Avenue's Yes! Organic Market opened its doors—again—this morning. Mayor Adrian Fenty appeared a bit put out to hear that the store had already been open for a week—but brightened up when he was still allowed to cut his ribbon.
Around 30 people gathered to see the official opening. It's Ward 4's third grocery store, and [...]

Centreville Cheater Receives Public Shaming. But Is It Enough?

So, Fox news reports gleefully on two-timer William Taylor of Centreville, who gave commuters a bit of a giggle this morning.
The glum-faced Virginian stood at an intersection in Tysons Corner wearing a sign that read, "I cheated, this is my punishment." He told a passerby that his wife had caught him cheating and had subsequently [...]

Go Grab Your Greens…

“I might find a home for my asparagus yet,” says Pleasant Plains resident Kelvin Esters, wistfully. The unofficial steward and avid gardener learned today that his community garden at 514-516 Hobart Pl. NW will be closing for public use tomorrow. The patch actually belongs to Howard University, which is selling off the land to [...]

A Little Exploration in Adams Morgan

Dig up a bit of D.C. – literally – and you might be surprised at how much you find. It's well known that slave labor built the U.S. Capitol, that there were slave pens near the National Mall, and that there was a slave market just across from the National Archives. But a new site [...]