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Still No Settlement For Nurses Fired For Snowstorm Absences

Negotiations have stalled between Washington Hospital Center and nine nurses fired in February for failing to report to work amid hazardous blizzard conditions.
“We were hopeful in making a resolution that would settle both sides on a forward trajectory to handle future crisis…with clarity,” Stephen Frum, the chief shop stewart for Nurses United, said during a conference call [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Petrol Prophylactic Edition

Good morning, people. Today looks to be as gorgeous as yesterday. The forecast calls for rain tomorrow, so take advantage of this day–have a popsicle, run up and down some bleachers, make friends with strangers on the sidewalk.
It beats driving around the DMV–D.C., Maryland, Virginia. Who the hell came up with that acronym? Every time [...]

Friendly Card Game Leads to Homicide at Salina Restaurant

Silver Spring resident Assefaw Hagos was having some drinks last Friday at Salina, an Ethiopian-style restaurant also serving Italian food at 1936 9th Street NW.
Sometime after the dramatic conclusion to Game 5 of the NBA semifinals between the Phoenix Suns and the L.A. Lakers, Hagos, 40, asked the restaurant's proprietor, Terfneh Kahsay, if he could go upstairs, where a card game [...]

Morning Roundup: A Long Weekend Long On Shootings

Good morning, everyone. Today’s Tuesday, in case the long weekend confused you. And it’s June! Perhaps now, we can move on to sunny days and temperatures that make sense.
Memorial Day weekend was a mess of shootings from Baltimore to Chinatown. A teen was found shot in the head in Greenbelt, a man was found dead in his [...]

Morning Roundup: The Strangers With Candy Edition

Good morning, folks. In case you missed it, oil's still gushing into our ocean, and the trial of Joe Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward, charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence in connection to the August 2006 murder of Robert Wone, continues today. Between knives, interrogation videos and a $1.2 million [...]

Nurses Rally Outside Washington Hospital Center

Hundreds of nurses are expected to picket outside Washington Hospital Center tonight amid a contract dispute with the center's management.
 Stephen Frum, a nurse at the hospital and chief shop steward for Nurses United, an organization representing the 1,600 nurses at the hospital, tells City Desk the hospital’s terms fail to remedy the facility's nurse shortage and would reduce [...]

Morning Roundup: The Ivy Leagues, Hustlers and Realism Edition

Morning everyone. Today’s Tuesday, I believe it’s cold, and there’s a chance of rain.
In case you missed it, the Hirshhorn Museum received a new art installation last night–a patch of realism. Guess nakedness was already taken.
Prom dates are always such a fuss. Should you ask him? Should you wait for him to ask you? Will [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Disc Jockeys Irk Desk Jockeys in Dupont Circle

The Issue: The "thumping music" scene at Current Sushi, located at 1215 Connecticut Ave. NW,  might impress WaPo's "Going Out Guru" Fritz Hahn. But the desk jockeys next door are nonplussed.
The Feedback:  On Wednesday, the District's Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) board took the Dupont Circle sushi joint's owners to task for violating a voluntary agreement [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Mural Objections in Walter Pierce Park

The Issue: First picnic tables, now a spray-painted mural of a giant dog and children blowin’ bubbles is causin' a ruckus in Walter Pierce Park. Not so much the mural, per se, but the process it took to get there. Ward 1 residents were given a 10-day notice, posted on a neighborhood Listserv, that [...]

Morning Roundup: The Drunken Sots, American Babies and Tragic Caps Edition

Are you serious?! Good morning humans, yes, the Capitals lost last night.
I’m not big on sports, so this loss means about as much to me as the empty water bottles stacking up in my car. But the crowd at Union Pub last night was visibly depressed, as were some of my Twitter friends. Paul Tenorio [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Gripes Galore About Georgetown’s Campus Plan

The Issue: Neighbors expressed frustration and concern over Georgetown University’s 2010 Campus Plan at a meeting last night. “It’s possible there’ll be changes as a result of tonight­–but some of the big issues–on-campus housing–I don’t expect change,” says Linda Greenan, assistant vice president for external relations at Georgetown. Noisy, late-night partyin’ students already plague life [...]

Neighborhood Watch: A Streetcar-Aimed Desire for Wisconsin Avenue

The Issue: The District Department of Transportation's plan to install a 37-mile streetcar system glaringly leaves Ward 3 out in the cold, without concrete plans for a streetcar to run up Wisconsin Avenue from Georgetown. “One of the reasons they didn’t proceed was lack in community support,” says Glover Park resident Ben Thielen and creator [...]

Neighborhood Watch: National Zoo Metro Stop, ‘Pity the Unknowing Tourists’

The Issue: It’s elephant feeding time! As tourist season nears, local businesses around the Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan Metro station gear up for zoo-goers, leaving eateries and shops near the Cleveland Park Metro out in the cold. In the early '80s, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) designated Woodley Park as the official National Zoo [...]

Water Taxi: Ride the Waves to Nationals Park

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Morning Roundup: Now That’s a Situation Edition

Good morning! Happy hump day! Wednesdays are always good.
Today’s high of 91 calls for tanning oil and rebellion against work–it seems we’ve plopped in the middle of summer. I thought April was for showers? But hey, can’t complain, aside from the deadly pollen infestation that's coated my car.
Yesterday was the first funeral service held for [...]