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ABC Board Stalls Sale of Club Love

The sale of Love Nightclub won't be going through quite as quickly as the people involved in the transaction were hoping.
Love, on Okie Street NE off New York Avenue, shuttered for three months earlier this year after a non-fatal stabbing inside the club on New Year’s Day. Since reopening, the club has only catered special events. [...]

Strip Club Shocker: “Vaginas Can Be Seen!”

After months of ruckus, neighbors aiming to block the Stadium Club’s liquor license renewal sure made a lousy case at Wednesday’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) hearing.
In June, residents in the Ward 5 neighborhoods abutting the club-cum-steakhouse submitted two petitions, one with five signatures and another with 21, arguing the establishment was disrupting peace, [...]

Love Nightclub Files for Bankruptcy, on Sale

City Desk doesn't usually check the Wall Street Journal for D.C.  nightlife tips. But there it is, right on the paper's Bankruptcy Beat blog: Washington "nightclub impressiario" Marc S. Barnes, as well as his two celebrated establishments, have filed for bankruptcy.
Barnes' flagship Love Nightclub, at 1350 Okie Street NE, as well as his The Park [...]

Nurses Vote to Strike Over February Blizzard Firings

Even in sweltering August heat, this year's earlier pesky blizzard won't go away. Over the weekend, Nurses United, a union that represents 1,600 registered nurses at Washington Hospital Center (WHC), voted for a one-day strike. The union is demanding that the nurses who were fired following February's massive winter storms for not making it through [...]

ABC Board Rejects Compromise Offer on Muse Lounge Violations

Muse Nightclub and Lounge, at 717 6th Street NW, is facing a slew of violations from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA). Just this past May, MPD Chief Cathy Lanier shut down Muse for 96 hours, over a box-cutter slashing incident. On Wednesday, Wei Zhou, co-owner of the establishment, sat before the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) [...]

Jim Graham and Adrian Fenty Swing By Park Road

The 2010 D.C. campaign so far: Another day, another groundbreaking ceremony.
Over three dozen people gathered in the sweltering heat this morning on the 1400 block of Park Road NW, in Columbia Heights, for a bricklaying on new storefronts for a retail strip next to D.C. USA. The Samuel Kelsey Community Outreach Center, Deli Grocery, and [...]

Morning Roundup: The SmarTrip is Still Stupid Edition

Good morning, everyone. It's Tuesday! Hope your morning commute wasn't too abysmal. On a sweaty note, today's high of 97 degrees brings a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms this evening. Don't get caught in the downpour on your way to dinner—soggy food is tragic.
In case you missed it, Politico forgot Washington wasn't just the federal [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Singing in the Rain Edition

Good morning, everyone. Tuesday's forecast calls for calm, dreary skies with a 60 percent chance of scattered thunderstorms. Lovely, London's come for a visit. Beware of the mud!
In case you missed it, Dan Snyder's getting his wealth from cancer victims and Big Bear Cafe's having their liquor license formally protested.

Neighborhood Watch: Bar Icing Neighbors?

The Issue: A new tavern is set to move into Ward 1–and just in time, as there's nothing better than ice and boozing after a 9:30 Club show in this sweltering heat. The American Ice Company has taken over the 2,375 square foot lot once occupied by Madden Roofing, at 917 V Street [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Hot Hot Heat Edition

Good morning, people! Hope everyone had a wonderfully relaxing weekend, and you're not sitting somewhere in your office sunburned and wondering what happened exactly. Either way, it's almost the weekend again! The District's looking at a high of 101 degrees for today. Don't worry, it won't get there until about 3 p.m., and it'll only [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Murder in Northern Virginia Edition

Good morning, everyone. Today's forecast calls for clear, sunny skies and a high of 90 degrees. The rest of the week looks like a cool down for the District–only a high of 82 degrees tomorrow!
In case you missed it: Potomac Gardens is the new Langston Terrace, Chucky's hanging around the District, the summer jobs program [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Metro Safety Gets Even Worse Edition

Good morning, everyone. Another Tuesday in the District–summertime heat has officially moved in with temperatures ranging from 90 to 94 degrees, with a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms tonight. Thank your lucky stars for today because it's probably only going to be worse tomorrow. This spring was our hottest on record–overactive sweat glands are tragic [...]

Reiter’s Books Is Having None Of This Bestial, Cannibal, Necrophilia Talk

Philosophical meetup group Café Philo DC met with some metaphysical controversy earlier this month when it chose its latest topic of bi-monthly discussion: “What’s Really Wrong with Bestiality, Cannibalism and Necrophilia?” The thinky social group regularly meets at Reiter’s Books, an independent bookstore specializing in scientific, professional and technical books, located at 1900 G Street NW.
Out of nearly [...]

‘Thank you, Steve': Geeks Gather, Protesters Picket at Georgetown’s New Apple Shop

Witness the hoopla surrounding the opening of Georgetown's newfangled Apple store on Friday afternoon. Special correspondent Kim Chi Ha reports rather appropriately via iPhone: "Lol there's like 30 ppl in line already," she texts at 3:33 p.m. "It's hot as fuck out here."

Our Morning Roundup: Virginia Back In The Black Edition

Good morning, everyone. Today’s somehow supposed to be a lovely Tuesday with intermittent possibilities of rain. Doesn’t make much sense to me. I went out and bought the Facebook Effect last night–haven’t been this excited about a read since Harry Potter. This morning's photo is in honor of Twitter–the sperm whale was failing all last [...]