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D.C. Recession Proof?

While the rest of the country's knees are quaking from murmurs of a recession, I've often heard people in D.C.'s service industry say that this city is recession proof. At least when it comes to their tips. It's a wealthy city (at least where the majority of the restaurants are located), the government isn't going [...]


An occasional series in which Kim tries to get dinner.

Restaurant: Duccini's Pizza
Location: 1778 U St. NW, (202) 483-0007
Distance From My Apartment: 1.7 miles
Time Called: Monday, 8:24 p.m.
Time Food Arrived: 8:50 p.m.
Verdict: Good to go! Possibly the best pizza you can get delivered.
As far as pizza delivery goes in this city, I think Duccini's is one [...]

Bob Dylan Vs. Robert Hass

Mike Zwerin over on tries to make the case that Bob Dylan should be winning a Pulitzer for poetry rather than a special citation. I was in mid-scoff (yes, I love the Dylan, but it's hard enough for poets to get attention without competing with Bob) until he made this rather good point via [...]


An occasional series in which Kim tries to get dinner.

I’m introducing this series because, if you are like me, you order food more than you should. I’m a bit ashamed to say that my refrigerator often contains more liquids than solids. But delivery in this city can be frustrating. Many a night I’ve had [...]

Give Me Noise

In Sunday's Post Magazine, Tom Sietsema wrote a cover story on the increasing noise problem in restaurants. The result is that he is going to include noise ratings along with his reviews. Personally, I don't get it. Here’s why:
1. Yes, there are loud, busy restaurants, and there are quiet, intimate restaurants. The [...]

What to Do With that Bottle of Creme de Violette?

The Post ran a fantastic spirits column in this week's Food section, in which Jason Wilson describes a game he and his brother play called Liquor Store Archaeology. Basically, they try to outdo the other with old-school finds. Sounds like quite a bit of fun to me. Anyway, his current find is a bottle of [...]

Why April for Poetry?

Without a doubt, since yesterday's announcement, everyone has been scrambling to read more poetry. Why is April National Poetry Month? It was started arbitrarily by The Academy of American Poets who chose April for this reason: "With input from booksellers, librarians, poets, and teachers, the Academy chose a month during the school year so that [...]

April Is National Poetry Month!

Do you want to celebrate National Poetry Month but don't know how? First, read more poetry. Then, go to where you can find contests, celebrations, poem-a-day, etc. There's also a great page devoted to D.C. poetry. Here, you can read about our poet laureate (yes, we have one!), find readings and festivals, read [...]

Where Have All the Sacagawea Dollars Gone?

I remember seeing my first Sacagawea dollar. It was summer 2001, and I was working at the Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy in Oakland, Calif. I thought it was a joke, like the $200 bill a guy tried to use the day earlier. It was, obviously, for real, and the rest of the summer rained golden [...]

If You Were a Drink…

We're suckers for a name. It's proven in this article by Gary Regan who created a tasty-sounding cocktail of single-malt Scotch (he recommends Oban or Springbank) and Canton ginger liqueur. He first named this concoction Whisky Qing after the Qing Dynasty, which is around when ginger liqueurs were first made in China. The drink went [...]

Cherry Blossom Poetry

Today marks the beginning of the peak days for the cherry blossoms. The National Park Service predicts the trees around the Tidal Basin will be their prettiest from March 27 to April 3.
In honor of the season, here is some cherry blossom poetry by D.C. poet Judith Harris via Ted Kooser's American Life in Poetry.

Front Royal Survival Guide

I grew up in a rural area. I like hiking. I know how to put up a tent and start a fire. But the lovely people who live in Front Royal, Va., are good; they can smell the city folk from two blocks away. Last weekend some friends and I rented a cabin for a [...]

Foodie=Grammar Police?

Using proper grammar is important. But there is a time and place for calling someone out on poor usage. Like in school. Or maybe at the dinner table with your children. (Go ahead, comment on my use of fragments.) There seems to be some strange correlation between people who love dining and people who hate [...]

Newsroom Poetry

Every week, former U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser (with help from the Poetry Foundation) sends subscribers of his "American Life in Poetry" series a poem along with a brief explanation of why he’s drawn to it. This week's poem is by David Tucker and is a nod to newspaper employees.

District Cocktail

State flower, state tree, state bird…why not state cocktail? At least that’s what state Sen. Edwin Murray (D-New Orleans) thinks. He’s proposed to make the Sazerac, which was invented in New Orleans, the official state cocktail. According to Janna Goodwin, a researcher for the National Conference of State Legislatures, this would be the nation’s [...]