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What Becomes of a Broken Art

All's fair in love and war, and on this Valentine's Day, there's more war than love in fairs. The organizers behind artDC, an international art fair that had its inaugural run in April 2007, informed media today that this year's annual installment would be canceled "due to uncertainty in the current economic climate." (Read: It's [...]

The Sincerest Form of Flattery?

Left: Cara Ober. Right: Christine Bailey.
"Despite what the Baltimore Sun says, I am not angry about this any more," says Baltimore artist Cara Ober. She is the subject of a story on a Baltimore exhibit, one that sort of features her work. It's her work, all right, but by a different artist: Christine Bailey. For [...]

Who Is That Masked Panda?

Typically the only panda trolling the 1515 14th Street NW galleries on an opening night is the fashion blogger who goes by that name. But "15 for Philip" drew supporters from far and wide, including, I suppose, jungles or zoos or wherever it is that pandas reside.
The show at Curator's Office is a portraiture [...]

DePaul Departing

Officials from the Corcoran Gallery of Art have confirmed the resignation of Christina DePaul, the dean of the Corcoran College of Art + Design since 2002. Corcoran Director of Media Relations Kristin Guiter said that DePaul will retain her title as dean through August 2008 but that Kirk Pillow, vice dean, will direct college functions. [...]

Lily-White House

Earlier this week, D.C. Art News scribe Lenny Campello and Seattle Post-Intelligencer art critic Regina Hackett hashed out the significance of this lede by the Washington Post's Jacqueline Trescott in a piece about artist Jacob Lawrence:
In its recent renovation of the Green Room, the White House has given a place of honor to a newly [...]

Hip To Be Square

Local fashion mavens Rachel Cothran and Svetlana Legetic criticize Helene Cooper, author of Sunday's New York Times T Magazine piece on D.C., for not reporting on the actual trends that might prove her story, i.e., that it's a cool place these days. There's a lot to complain about. Did Cooper expect to find the pulse [...]

And the Win-nah Is…

"Strictly Painting" isn't merely a regional all-painting biennial. It's also a knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred, brass-knuckled throwdown between painters vying for that ultimate art-world trophy—recognition. (And a check.) Last night, during a reception at the McLean Center for the Arts for the 21 finalist painters, the show's juror and MC, Hirshhorn associate curator Kristen Hileman, announced [...]

The Dismemberment Plan

A dull Swiss army knife does not slice through penis foreskin like butter. That might have been the freakiest thing about last night's art performance by Adrian Parsons—why, if you've chosen this path, would you not invest in the finest in self-mutilation technology? Why saw when you could slice? Maybe there's no singling out any [...]


In one sense, Kathryn Cornelius staged an Oscar-worthy event with "Recognition". Champagne bubbled and camera flashes flared as the artist, dressed in a stunning gown and decked out in jewels, spoke from a dais to the crowd. For their part, local artists and artists boosters dressed up for the evening—though it's not clear that they [...]


Even the floor plan of the artDC art fair has the District written all over it. Plain as Mass Ave., there's a red-carpeted path cutting a swath through the grid of booths. Of course a District art fair has a diagonal state avenue.
It's otherwise distinguished by local galleries, who contribute the lion's share of the [...]