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Accessorize With This $195 “Bike Share Backpack”

Worlds collide at Bloomingdale's Chevy Chase next Thursday, when a rather unexpected trinity of Capital Bikeshare, handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff, and Bloomie's shoppers will form. The impetus: the launch of a $195 "bike share backpack," designed by Rebecca Minkoff specifically for the bike-sharing lady cyclist and available in only a handful of cities. If the [...]

Chatter: Shadow Boxing

What you said about what we said in our Politics Issue
In our March 28 Politics Issue, Washington City Paper declined to give a give a full endorsement to any of the flawed mayoral candidates, and it was all too much for reader truth hurts. “Pathetic that WCP can’t/won’t say which candidate it thinks is the best one among [...]

These Colleges Don’t Live Here Anymore

Though we tend to think of the local collegiate landscape as fixed, the District’s institutions of higher learning have been in flux as long as such institutions have existed (as the recent news that George Washington will absorb the Corcoran College of Art + Design confirms). Schools swap out names (Gallaudet was the Kendall School, [...]

Anatomy of a Dog Poop Listserv Fight

Neighbors arguing about how to deal with dog poop is a phenomenon as old as dog poop itself. Today's episode of dog-poop feuding comes courtesy of Hill East's email list, which includes all the components  of a classic dog-poop debate. Would you like to discuss dog poop with your neighbors? Consider following Hill East's model. [...]

What’s Next for D.C.’s Brutalist Buildings?

Last week marked the beginning of the end for the Third Church of Christ, Scientist at 16th and I streets NW, better known to the public as “D.C.’s ugliest church.” The 1970 structure had few fans (least of all its own congregation, which fought the building’s designation as a historic landmark in 1991 and applied [...]

Snowy Owl Struck by Bus!

A bus reportedly struck the snowy owl, D.C.'s critter celeb of the moment, at 15th and I streets NW early this morning. (Metro cannot confirm if the bus was one of its own.)
Police found the owl and reported the injury to National Zoological Police before transferring the bird to the National Zoo. Upon arrival, the [...]

District Line Daily: Modest Snowfall Fallout

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Last night's winter storm left a modest one to three inches of snow in the District [...]

The Needle: Wool Coat Joke Edition

Pop-ups Are Dead, Long Live Takeovers: Toki Underground and Woodberry Kitchen plan a ramen "takeover" of Artifact Coffee. It shall be dubbed Tokifact. +2
Food Fight: Madam's Organ is so, so mad at its "shitty neighbor" Tryst right now. +/- 0

The Worst Metro Escalators of 2013

The Broken Metro Escalator has become a sort of totem in D.C.—a target for the region’s collective rage at the entire transit system, a symbol of dysfunction, and easy fodder for the unimaginative columnist. For University of Maryland Ph.D. student Lee Mendelowitz, broken escalators are also an opportunity for some recreational number crunching.
Mendelowitz, who is [...]

Local Christmas Tree Displays: Some Facts and Figures

You don’t have to be a German-descended Christian to appreciate a good Christmas tree, and in D.C., such conifers abound. Among the District’s most visible holiday flora, some trees approach Rockefeller Center levels of grandeur, while others wouldn’t look out of place in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Either way, stay cheery out there.
Union Station
Species: Synthetic, [...]

Georgetown Waiter Bought Fanciest Stuff Ever With Stolen Credit Card Info

A Gaithersburg man with a taste for early Modernism and Damien Hirst was sentenced today to 38 months in prison for felony fraud. Kevin T. Washington, 48, used his gig as a waiter at an unnamed Georgetown restaurant to gather four diners' credit card information, which he used to buy some really, really nice stuff.
Among [...]

Chatter: Park Attack

With the federal government in disarray, the D.C. Council has enjoyed a nice moment in the sun as the more functional legislative body in town—we’re even picking up trash in parks controlled by National Park Service while NPS is furloughed. So why, asked Aaron Wiener in his Housing Complex column last week, doesn’t the District just [...]

Clothed for Business

The shutdown has been tough on anyone who draws a government paycheck, but it’s a great time to pick up a lightly worn J. Crew collection cropped moto jacket at a fraction of the original price. A string of local consignment shops are enjoying a boost in inventory, thanks to well-heeled furloughed feds who are [...]

During Shutdown, Fast Food Workers in Government Buildings Are Shit Out of Luck

While plenty of furloughed federal workers are packing bars during the shutdown, flashing government IDs to snag deals on beers and tacos, another segment of the local workforce has found itself out of a job without the hope of receiving back pay, or even the dignity of being "furloughed." For the workers who staff independently [...]

Despite the Shutdown, Signs of Normalcy on Capitol Hill

Despite the federal government shutdown and a lighter-than-normal crowd at Pete's Diner, the following signs of normalcy were observed on Pennsylvania Avenue SE this morning from 9:30 to 10 a.m.
1. White-haired woman smoking a cigarette outside Tune Inn
2. Nine people lined up inside Starbucks at Pennsylvania and 3rd
3. Homeless gentleman sipping coffee outside Hunan Dynasty
4. [...]