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And With a Heavy Heart, I Leave You. OR: Suck It, Haters.

Today I leave the best job I ever had, and that counts a brief stint at Trader Joe's where I tried to get health care after knocking over several cases of Two Buck Chuck with my ass. As asst. managing editor at Washington City Paper for the past two and half years, my job has [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Auctions a Go-Go

And we thought it was interesting that the auctions for our newspaper chain and Mother Harriette's house in the Virgin Islands were announced the same week. Now it turns out the Watergate is on the block. Another coinkidink: The famous hotel is $40 million in the hole, which is roughly the same as Creative Loafing's debt after it [...]

Sentencing Tomorrow for Former NPR Tech Reporter Caught Downloading Child Porn

David Malakoff, 46, who resigned from NPR's Science and Tech desk after being charged with possessing child pornography on an NPR-owned computer, will be sentenced in federal court tomorrow.
According to the Examiner, more than 100 people wrote to District Court Judge Ellen Huvelle vouching for his character, including high-profile Post reporter Brigid Schulte. She described [...]

Marion Barry Is the Tree, Says Former Girlfriend. “All of Us Are the Branches.”

Chenille Spencer, once a regular ladyfriend of Marion Barry's—and a regular with him at Player's Lounge—described her connection to Barry in 2006 as "loyal." She remains so. In a phone call to Washington City Paper to "speak on the the police and the way Mr. Barry was treated," Spencer defended her former flame and current [...]

Marion Barry Press Conference: God Intervenes

From Jason Cherkis, who is covering today's Marion Barry press conference:
The Ward 8 Councilmember refused to answer reporters' questions about public contracts he awarded and then revoked from his former girlfriend, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt. Instead, this latest standup would be a "single-issue" presser on his arrest by the U.S. Park Police on a stalking charge and [...]

Our Morning Roundup: “These Are Public Funds” Edition

D.C. Wire's Marion Barry coverage leads the Post's site this a.m., wherein Councilmember David Catania "steps to the plate" (Barry loves that phrase) on the issue of granting and then yanking public contracts from his former ladyfriend. "These are public funds," he says. "There needs to be an accounting." Barry's spokesperson promises the good councilmember will actually [...]

Conspicuous Consignment Shop Owner Opens Another Store, Prepares for Reality Show Stardom

John P. Coon, who closed Washington Consignment Shop while still owing people money, recently closed another consignment store—Nest on Wisconsin Avenue—and opened another shop: Georgetown Birdcage.
And here's some more news: He's being filmed around town for a reality show about the privileged life he leads with his long-time partner and their adopted kids (Ella gets [...]

Cleveland Parkers Refusing to Open Doors to Well-Dressed African-American Men

Magazine sellers and Bible studiers—especially those who are well-dressed and African-American—beware. The people of Cleveland Park are onto you. For months they've been posting suspicious interactions with you and your efforts this week? They are well-documented on the all-knowing Listserv.
To wit:

Our Morning Roundup: Did Metro Know It Had a Circuit Problem Before the Crash? Edition

Wake up, Metro. It's morning time! Also: Two of your employees are telling WJLA-TV that they not only knew about the circuit problem that likely caused the June 22 crash five days before it happened, but that they reported the problem to their supervisors. This seemingly contradicts GM John Catoe's statement yesterday, in which he [...]

Bug Bomb Blows Out Windows in Anacostia

A man living in an apartment at 1907 Good Hope Road SE set up a bug bomb early this a.m. that blew out his windows.
Alan Etter, spokesperson for D.C. Fire and EMS, writes in an e-mail: "There was no fire. Just a pressure-release explosion from using too much of the product."
The man received a "minor [...]

AAN Awards Update: Washington City Paper Brings Home Three First-Place Wins

Washington City Paper, finalists in five of the highest-circulation categories for the 2009 Association for Alternative Newsweeklies Awards, has been named the first-place winner in three of them: arts criticism, media reporting/criticism, and innovation/format buster. In addition, this blog received second-place honors and staff photographer Darrow Montgomery, who received honorable mention in the 2008 awards, was named [...]

Our Morning: Give Us Shelter

Loyal City Desk readers (all four of you), please direct your attention today toward Housing Complex. It's another of the all-day reporting blitzes by the vast Washington City Paper newsroom (see Food Day, Average Day) if, you know, you got the time.
Watch for architectural/vocab dispatches from Beaujon, "jump squad" efforts from Cherkis and Montgomery, doings [...]

“I Still Think That Metro Rail Is the Safest Way to Travel in D.C.”

Brandon Burgess, who was standing by the glass partition in the middle of the Red Line car mangled in yesterday's crash, gives an interesting account of what happened to the Knoxville News Sentinel (he's a former student at the University of Tennessee).
Burgess, on his way to U Street and planning to change trains at Fort [...]

Seven Metro Crash Victims Identified

WaPo's Dr. Gridlock blogged the identities of seven of the nine who died in yesterday's Red Line crash:

Jeanice McMillan, 42, of Springfield (train operator)

Major General David F. Wherley, Jr., former commanding general, Joint Force Headquarters, District of Columbia National Guard, and his wife Ann, both 62
Lavonda King, 23
Dennis Hawkins, 64
Mary Doolittle, 59
Anna Fernandez, 40

Per Cherkis, [...]

How To Figure Out If You Have Bed Bugs: Get This Dog To Come Over

In a posh hotel in downtown D.C., Dixie, a beagle mix, is sniffing out bed bugs. She can find them in walls, under carpets, and mixed up with cockroaches inside a spinning training device. Mattresses, the most common hiding place for these seed-size suckers of human blood, pose little challenge.
“She only gets fed if she [...]