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Catch a Wavelet

When Washingtonians think Hamilton, tow-in surfing pioneer Laird Hamilton isn’t the first guy who comes to mind, but a loose-knit local group is doing its best to make the District a little bit gnarly.
Members of the Yahoo group surfersdc are meeting up online for weekend rideshares to Delaware beaches, Assateague Island, and the Outer Banks [...]

Germ Box from Baltimore

On my daily MARC train trip to Baltimore last Tuesday evening, I fell into a head-hanging, drooling sleep so deep I nearly missed my station. By the time I reached home, the fever was on, and I was deep into my worst flu bout since elementary school.
Like a good worker, I called in sick [...]

Eats Like a Meal

The D.C. Department of Health has issued a health alert following a voluntary recall by the Campbell Soup Company of more than 72,000 cans of its Chunky soup.
The recall involves cans of Chunky Baked Potato with Cheddar and Bacon Bits. And not just ’cause this soup takes like shit. The soup is extra super chunky [...]

Bag ladies

I didn’t think much of it, the first time. Then I began seeing them all over town—women toting two-toned pink Victoria’s Secret shopping bags filled with lunches, books, clothes…anything but underwear.
Old women, teenagers, all shapes and sizes, pink bags in hand. Last week a modest young woman with her head covered by a black scarf. [...]

Broken Branches

Cynthia Pratt guesses at least 200 cars had to be moved from two blocks of Hobart Street NW in Mount Pleasant for tree trimming early this month. But as usual, some residents disregarded the no-parking signs. In the past, parking scofflaws were ticketed, and trimmers worked around the cars, says Pratt, who has lived on [...]

Crash Survivor Still in Hospital

The mother of the 18-year-old Bowie State University student who went missing for eight days in September after crashing his car down a ravine in Beltsville says her son is still recovering in a Washington hospital.
Although Julian McCormick's injuries at first seemed minor, Peggy McCormick says her son has "extensive tissue damage" caused by hanging [...]

Look Out, Contractors

Police on Monday arrested three juveniles in an armed-robbery scheme targeting construction contractors in Lincoln Park. Between 10 and 10:30 a.m. Monday, three men held up contractors at two work sites in the neighborhood, says David Kamperin, a D.C. police department commander. Each time, one of the men pulled a black pistol and [...]

Words From the Wise

City Desk readers solve the problems of District folk
The problem of the day is pinched from a woman named Laura who posted her canine struggle on the First District listserv. The crisis doesn’t compare with violent crime or auto theft, she writes, but “at what point does a barking dog legally become a nuisance?”
Laura says [...]

Custom Cleaners Sold

The infamous pants suit isn’t going away, but Custom Cleaners, the dry cleaning business in Northeast where the Chung family may or may not have misplaced Judge Roy Pearson’s pants, is changing hands.
In a press release this morning, Christopher Manning, the attorney who represents the Chungs, announced the store has been sold “due to the [...]

Add It Up

In this week’s District Line story "Think Locally, Hire Regionally," I reported how D.C. workers have so far struck out in the construction of the new baseball stadium. But local employment numbers are not quite as bad as a task force set up to monitor them at first believed.
Due to a math snafu on the [...]

Jesus Saves

At 11:30 a.m. today, a gunman fired at least 10 shots from the sidewalk at the corner of 5th and P Streets NW in Shaw. By 12:30 p.m., police had no evidence he hit anything.
As officers counted shell casings behind the tape, a group of neighbor told the story of the shooting. Rumor has it [...]

Welcome to D.C. Now Go Home

This morning's Examiner reports that the city failed to give fair warning to 20,000 motorists fined $100 each for mashing cell phones to their ears while driving.
The city did a poor job informing the drivers (many who come from the suburbs where the action is only bad form) that it's banned in the District, the [...]

Fenty’s Transportation Crisis

The Washington Post editors were stumped. No one could agree on the savviest way to fix the sensitive situation. How would they fill the white space below the fold in the Metro section?
Such must have been the crisis Monday that led to today’s absurd ramble on D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty’s bus trip to a news [...]

Trash TV

Shaw resident and provocateur Ray Milefsky is proposing a solution for how citizens can band together to clean up accumulated trash on city streets. On the Third District community Listserv, he writes: “I am thinking a trip to deliver it to Jack Evans’ and Mayor Fenty's homes à la Michael Moore would be effective with [...]

No Ivy Covered Malls for the Time Being

A Utah-based technology school that since July has run classes at a Northern Virginia shopping mall is calling the expansion quits.
Neumont University, a private university that for less than two months offered computer science degrees from its spot next to the Old Navy in Dulles Town Center mall, told students last week that the school's [...]