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Requiem for a Big Monkey

Full disclosure: I’m sort-of-friends with one of the owners of Big Monkey Comics, in the sense that I’ve been over to his house to play a game in which teensy plastic Batmen fight teensy plastic Jokers. Shut up.
As reported Tuesday on DCist, Big Monkey Comics has announced it’s closing its doors. The shop will only [...]

Life During Wartime: Scena’s Mother Courage, Reviewed

Cards on table: I love me some Scena. Have for years.
I certainly haven't loved or even responded to everything the company's assayed, but all critics have at least one theater they consistently find themselves pulling for, just that extra little bit. Scena's mine.

Don’t Cry for Me, Purg-a-tor-y: GALA’s Momia en el Closet, Reviewed

Mummy in the Closet: The Return of Eva Peròn
Directed by Mariano Caligaris
Music by Mariano Vales; Book by Gustavo Ott; Lyrics by Mariano Vales and Gustavo Ott
In Spanish with English surtitles
At GALA Hispanic Theatre to June 28
You don’t go commissioning a world premiere musical about Eva Perón’s mummified corpse without at least a vague presentiment that [...]

Reality (Ceno)Bites: Clive Barker’s Crazyface at Constellation, Reviewed

Clive Barker’s Crazyface
Directed by Allison Arkell Stockman
Presented by Constellation Theatre Company
At Source Theater to June 14
Horror noveli—excuse me—dark fantasy novelist Clive Barker’s 1982 play is a mess, but Constellation Theater sets out to make it a gorgeous one, bringing a dose of the fabulous to Barker’s kitchen-sink fabulism. The company’s proprietary mix of technical chops [...]

Krapp Happens: Live Theater and the Shameful Joy of Glitches

The vaunted theatrical tradition known as Press Night has for years offered producers a means to tear the Band-Aid of critical opinion free in on mighty, follicle-ripping tug.
All right, you arrogant pricks (they seem to say) let's get this over with. So on the designated night, we critics dutifully descend on a show [...]