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WaPo-Ombo Ignores Turque-Armao Blog Shenanigans

Washington Post ombudsman Andy Alexander is a careful, thorough reporter. When something goes wrong at the paper, you can be sure he's talking with all relevant parties, compiling a sound account of what went on (especially in his killer investigation of the "salons" episode).

Washington Post Editorial Board Livid Over Turque Blog Post

The Washington Post editorial board is pissed beyond words about Bill Turque's Wednesday blog post regarding the board's relationship with D.C. public schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee. In the post, which the paper temporarily deleted from its site last night, Metro education reporter Turque blasted editorial writer Jo-Ann Armao for furnishing Rhee a "print version of [...]

Washington Post Blog Post Critical of Washington Post Disappears from Web Site

The Washington Post on Wednesday evening deleted from its Web site a sizzling and brilliantly constructed blog post that criticized the paper's editorial board. Metro education reporter Bill Turque, in a Wednesday afternoon item on, explained to readers why they might have noticed an anomaly in the paper's coverage of a high-profile hubbub centering [...]

Best Blog Post by the Post About the Post


Sally Quinn: The People Don’t Elect Presidents. Georgetown Does!

Heads must roll at the Washington Post's Style section. Specifically, editors. After all, these people are paid to show some news judgment, and in today's edition of the paper, Style's editors showed absolutely none.

WaPoBizJo Prototype: “Old and Out of Date”

Here's a true sign of "Post Apocalypse"!
The Washington Post is now gauging the reaction of subscribers to the prototype of a new business magazine that the paper may just launch. It's called Capital Business, and according to a description on the prototype's Page 2, the publication aims "to offer comprehensive coverage of the people and [...]

Washington Post May Launch New Biz Publication

The Washington Post is plotting a possible move into deeper reporting on the local biz scene, according to a newsroom source and a prototype that some Post subscribers have received. According to the source, the new publication—which would be named "Capital Business"—would come out on a weekly basis—sorta like the Washington Business Journal—and would focus [...]

Weekend in Review

Hey folks, great to have you back at WIR!
Let's dig into some stuff, right now: Hooray for Post Ombo Andy Alexander, who stood up for the paper's decisions to run various disturbing photos of the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake in very prominent spots. As usual when the paper does anything other than put politicians [...]

Gabe Sherman Lazy? Nah.

It's been a fun week for watchers of the Washington Post. First comes Gabriel Sherman's story titled "Post Apocalypse" in The New Republic, a wonderful read powered by some of the best quotes I've ever seen in a story about that paper.
Next comes Post Co. Chairman Don Graham, bashing Sherman's piece for being "lazy." [...]

Liveblogging George Michael’s Memorial Service

City Desk has correspondent Andrew Beaujon filing updates from National Cathedral, where WRC-TV broadcaster George Michael's public memorial service is taking place.
First update: There are about 200 people in attendance, one of them a bagpiper.
Update 11:44: Longtime WRC-TV anchor Jim Vance got up there first, to eulogize the orange-haired TV personality. Vance [...]

Breaking: Brigid Schulte’s Husband Not Pissed about Cigar-Patio Parenthetical

As Washington Post readers learned over the weekend, staff writer Brigid Schulte has a hectic life. She's got two kids, a demanding job, and all manner of time-consuming chores that run her ragged throughout the week.
The grind, in Schulte's words:

Lawsuit Alleges Washington Times Power Struggle

Victims of the recent purge at the Washington Times have walked away with a shell-shocked sensation. As in, What the hell just happened here?
Consider: After riding out some really bad times, the paper all of a sudden ousts its visionary top management and then announces layoffs as deep as 40 percent. And when it comes [...]

Weekend in Review

Excuse me for mislabeling the title of this blog post: How can you have a weekend-in-review post for a three-day weekend that hasn't concluded just yet?
This is the King. Jr. holiday weekend. To commemorate the occasion, the Washington Post has written an editorial.

Arenas Pleads Guilty, Plus: New Details on What Went Down in the Locker Room

"Yes, sir." "No, sir."
That's about as creative as Washington Wizard Gilbert Arenas got in his appearance this afternoon in D.C. Superior Court to face a felony count of firearms possession.
His plea? Guilty, your honor. The usually ebullient Arenas entered the courtroom in a subdued posture, his hands stuffed into his pockets, clad in a gray [...]

Sally Quinn’s Shamelessness Reaches New Heights

Attention must be drawn to today's "Party" column by longtime Washington Post writer Sally Quinn. The thrust of the piece is beyond reproach, provided that you buy into the notion of having Quinn lecture you about entertaining in the first place. Titled "Business talk can take the fun out of dinner parties and conversations," the [...]