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D.C. is America’s Cheating Capital, Says Infidelity Proponent

Who says infidelity has to screw up a happy marriage?  The folks at "discreet dating service" Ashley Madison say it's just the opposite. And Washington, with our lowest-in-the-country divorce rate and highest-in-the-country Ashley Madison participation rate, is proof.
My editor passed on a press release today from the agency, whose motto is "Life is short. Have [...]

Pick Up Artists to Descend on Dupont this Weekend

In last week's issue, we presented all kinds of options for Washington City Paper readers in search of classes to take, be they in the realms of arts and crafts, nutrition and fitness, or sex and dating. Turns out we missed one in the sex and dating category. This weekend, Adam Lyons, "America's Number One Pick [...]

Morning Roundup: Un-Miserable Edition

Morning, all. It's my last Morning Roundup, I'm sad to report. (On the other hand, sleeping in an extra hour on Fridays sounds pretty nice.) We'll be rolling out some exciting new changes on City Desk. Keep your eyes peeled.
It's no secret it's been hot as Hades recently. ("Sofa king hot," as one of our [...]

Morning Roundup: Earthquake! Edition

Morning, readers. Let us celebrate the fact that Friday is upon us.
That wasn't a rumble in your stomach this morning: That was an earthquake. The 3.6 magnitude quake struck at 5:04 a.m., and its epicenter was in the Germantown-Gaithersburg area. The quake was the largest to hit the area since the U.S. Geological Survey created a [...]

Morning Roundup: Dead Animals Edition

Morning, all. It's the end of a short week, but I still feel drained. Here's to a rejuvenating weekend.
So, LeBron's going to Miami. Along with Chris Bosh. And the newly re-signed Dwayne Wade. Move over, Los Angeles, there's a new dynasty in town.
Sad news from the National Zoo: The red panda born three weeks ago–the zoo's [...]

Morning Roundup: Fourth of July Edition

Morning, all. This holiday weekend: have fun and be safe!
Along with barbeques, displays of patriotism, and droves of tourists descending upon D.C., Fourth of July means fireworks galore. WaPo explores local pyros. Apparently more people are injured each year in bike, motorcycle, and car accidents than in fireworks-related incidents. Put that one in the Duh [...]

Morning Roundup: Third Coming Edition

Morning, all. The slightest bit of relief from the heat today–it's only supposed to get up to 92 degrees. May feel downright balmy compared to the past few days we've had.
If Stephen Strasburg is the second coming, John Wall is the third coming. The Wizards, who had the first pick, got their man last night [...]

Morning Roundup: John Belushi Edition

Morning, readers. Yes, the Lakers won last night, and nobody likes a dynasty. But let's try to put that behind us and take a look at what's going on in the area.
Plans are underway for a new music venue in Silver Spring, and 9:30 Club owner Seth Hurwitz isn't happy about it. Hurwitz is suing [...]

Morning Roundup: World Cup Edition

Morning, all. How many of you are planning to play hooky in order to catch the kickoff of the World Cup? We've got dozens (and counting) of great options for your soccer watchin', and a few delays, Biergarten is opening just in time for the Cup, too.
Amidst all the World Cup celebration in South Africa, [...]

Morning Roundup: Wolves Edition

Morning, readers. Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend–drinking beer at SAVOR or some other libatious activity. (And yes, I realize libatious is an iffy word at best, but seriously, it should be upgraded to full-fledged legitimacy.)
Who's afraid of the big bad Tea Party? Not Harry Reid (D-Nev.). According to a Daily Kos/Research [...]

Morning Roundup: Golf Coast Edition

Morning, all. Happy Friday! Let's take a look at what's going on in the world.
Oil continues to invade the Louisiana coast, though BP asserts their clean-up efforts–which includes a "junk shot" of golf balls, old tires, and the like, intended to fill the damaged blow-out preventer on the ocean floor–are working. Um, junk shot? Even [...]

Morning Roundup: Low Pressure Edition

Morning, readers. Friday is upon us. Weird weather we've been having this week, huh? This low pressure system has made for a week of variable temps and plenty of precipitation.
It's May 14, time for some "this day in history" fun:

The last episode of Seinfeld aired in 1998, raking in $2 million per commericial.
The 1989 Tianamen [...]

Morning Roundup: European Edition

Happy Friday, readers. Try to rouse yourself from your Iron Man 2- and Cinco de Mayo-induced stupors for this last day of the week–tomorrow's Saturday and you can sleep in!
Next week's Europe Week, and the festivities kick off tomorrow with EU Open House Day, as all the EU embassies open their doors to the public [...]

Morning Roundup: Rats Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! Happier than yesterday, anyway, because the taste of the Capitals defeat isn't fresh in our mouths. But there's still a heart-warming story to come out of Wednesday's loss: After the game, Caps forward Brooks Laich changed a tire for two fans he saw stuck on the Roosevelt Bridge. Nice to know not [...]

Morning Roundup: Drunk Biking Edition

It's that time again, readers. Yep, it's Friday, everybody's favorite day of the week. Let's take a look at what's going on in the world.
In addition to today being Friday, it's also April 23—Shakespeare's birthday. And his deathday, 52 years later. That's right, Shakespeare was born and he died on the same day. Though the [...]