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Neighborhood Watch: How Much Does It Cost to Pick Up Your Kid From School Downtown?

The Issue: Should parents picking up their kids from a downtown after-school program be exempt from parking tickets? Strong John Thomson Elementary, at 1200 L St. NW, offers a popular after-school program that runs every school day until 6 p.m. Parents can leave their cars in the standing-only zone from 3 to 4 p.m. without [...]

Morning Roundup: The “Let’s Ignore Reality” Edition

In all likelihood, we will spend this evening stuck on the Metro, sardined between a sharp umbrella and a musty-smelling parka, so instead, let’s picture ourselves in Waimea Bay—where hot surfers are grappling with 30-50 foot Pacific waves in the epic Quicksilver surf competition. Feel better? I don’t either.
I bet on the north shore of [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Ward 8 Gets New Library, Wants to Give It Back

The Issue: The latest brush-up in the library turf wars is in Ward 8. In September, City Desk reported that some residents were unhappy with the new Washington Highlands Library’s futuristic pod design. The plan is still to raze the old library on 115 Atlantic St. SW and replace it with the new design [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Community Questions Mount Pleasant Library Renovations

The Issue: Is the new Mt. Pleasant Library plan not taking the neighborhood into account? Renovation of the library on 16th Street NW, near Lamont Street, is part of the citywide library expansion project; construction is slated to begin in 2010. Among other changes, the plan includes renovating the accessibility ramp for disabled and [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Yogis Fight Back” Edition

This morning’s roundup is dedicated to those barking underdogs: the tyrannized standing up to the tyranny, the teens throwing pumpkin pies at the teachers, and, um, the yogis fighting for freedom of speech? Three yoga teachers in Virginia are filing a lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of  imposing license requirements on teacher-training programs. They argue that [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Sidewalks Near Logan Circle Trashed?

The Issue: A handful of Dumpsters are wreaking a disproportionate amount of havoc near Logan Circle. The six offenders live near Claridge Towers at 12th and M Streets NW. Neighbors complain not only that the garbage is picked up at ungodly hours but that the Dumpsters are overflowing, forcing residents of the apartment building to [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Rogue Cupcake Crisis” Edition

Like locusts swarming from above, a new (pink) cupcake truck and New York-based Crumbs Bake Shop are showering the District with more overpriced, nauseatingly cute cupcakes. Does this mean we have to suffer through another dreadful Washington Post war? Matt, commenting on Prince of Petworth, says: “I see sub-prime cupcake crisis coming! Cupcake bailout?”
Undoubtedly [...]

The Odyssey of Ward 8 Gas Station Continues

The infamous Chevron gas station near the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Malcolm X Avenue SE, which has inspired enough hate-laced prose to fill the Library of Congress, has undergone a makeover. Is it just a fresh coat of paint, or has the station cleaned up its act? According to commentators on [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Grass Not Greener on the Other Side of Park View

The Issue: In an overhaul of green spaces in the District,  residents in Park View and the surrounding area may be left without a park to view. The Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH), a rolling 272-acre campus, has not been open to the public since 1968—but the community still considers it the neighborhood’s primary green [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Can You Hear Me Now? Unfortunately, Say Unhappy Capitol Hill Residents

The Issue: Are dropped calls taking priority over community concerns in a historic Southeast neighborhood? Some neighbors are worried about the radiation effects of six 10-foot T-Mobile antennas installed in early October on the roof of the Polk Court Apartments at 525 G St SE. To install the towers, T-Mobile had to get permission from [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Technology Has Exceeded Our Humanity” Edition

Have you thanked a veteran today? What are you waiting for? Technology is only getting faster! That’s right, soon you will be able to thank a veteran by using a technology chip in your mind! (No, there’s no actual link to that…it's just a theory.)
Can’t remember if the Georgetown Circulator exists? Download the new iPhone app! [...]

Street Sweepers (and Their Spying Cameras) Hibernate Today

Bid adieu to your friendly neighborhood sweeper/undercover spy—it’s winter now, according to the Department of Public Works (DPW). Linda Grant, a DPW spokesperson, confirms that street sweeping ends today, and won’t resume again until the spring. She says, “It’s a little colder this year, and the machine’s spray can ice over the streets and cause [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Smelly Trees or Tree Stumps in Trinidad?

The Issue: Some residents aren’t charmed by the odor of female ginkgo trees in Trinidad—and have already had some removed by the city. But according to D.C. Department of Transportation (DDOT) policy, after a tree is cut down, someone must call again for another one to be replanted  the city will plant another in its [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Neighbors Hush Proposed Lounge on H Street, NW

The Issue: Pouya Yousefi has been trying to secure a liquor license for Level Lounge at 315 H St. NW since May. He is proposing a Middle Eastern inspired lounge that accommodates 300 and includes everything from late-night dancing to a hookah bar. But the community is grappling with how the lounge will fit into [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Thrilled, Hopeful, and Unsurprising” Edition

Happy NaBloPoMo! Or for the less tech-savvy: National Blog Posting Month. Apparently, there are bloggers who have vowed to post every day for the month of November! Don’t worry, slacker-bloggers with other responsibilities—City Desk has plenty of posts to go around. That’s what interns are for.
The New York Times is asking readers to look back [...]