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Critical Grass: D.C.’s First Medical Marijuana Reviews

In D.C.’s fledgling medical marijuana regime, Warren was patient 3.
The makeup artist and hair stylist was the third person in the District to obtain a medical marijuana license after the city’s first legal dispensaries opened this summer, which, for now, makes him and fewer than 60 others members of one of D.C.’s most exclusive clubs. [...]

PETA Wants You to Stop Exploiting Animals, Start Exploiting Women

The “A” in PETA stands for animals. Humans are animals. Women are humans. By association, they’re a feminist organization.
However, in a Farragut Square demonstration yesterday, where three nearly naked women were painted to look like pythons to protest wildlife exploitation in fashion, their pro-animal message played second fiddle. Throughout the hourlong event—a self-styled rebellion against [...]