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World Cup Roundup: Fado Irish Pub Overrun With Spanish Speakers

The Republic of Ireland's questionable elimination from this summer's World Cup soccer tournament doesn't appear to be hurting local sales of rashers and eggs too badly. Special correspondent Alex Burchfield reports from Fado Irish Pub in Chinatown, where more than a dozen people had gathered even before today's 7:30 a.m. kick-off between Honduras and Chile:

Our Morning Roundup: Better Drinking Through Advertising

Thirsty on this cloudy morning? How bout a nice tall glass In response to the waterborne lead crisis, the District's Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) is ushering in a "new era" with a new name and new logo. WaPo's Mike DeBonis reports the agency is rebranding itself "D.C. Water," at a cost of around $160,000 to [...]

World Cup Roundup: Brazil Backers Blitz Bethesda Bar

Attendance at the actual World Cup games in South Africa may be lagging. But Tommy Joe's in Bethesda isn't having that problem. Special correspondent Alex Burchfield reports live from the restaurant on Montgomery Lane, during Tuesday afternoon's Brazil-North Korea match:
20th minute-The place is packed. Rough head count: about 70. One woman has fashioned herself a dress out of a Brazilian flag. [...]

Weekend In Review: Unapologetically Nationalistic Edition

WaPo's Steven Goff called it "one of the worst gaffes in World Cup play in recent memory." The British press was far less kind. "Hand of Clod," read the headline in London's News of the World. And the Sun: "Curses! New keeper cock-up as Green gifts Yanks a point." We're speaking, of course, about England goalkeeper [...]

World Cup Roundup: France Frustrated, South Africa Thrilled to Draw, Marc Fisher Hates It All

Let the media frenzy begin! Appearing on The Colbert Report last night, Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher kicked-off World Cup fever in true American fashion–by trashing the game of soccer entirely. "Soccer is un-American," Fisher, proud owner of the title America's Most Prominent Soccer Hater, told host Stephen Colbert. "It's a great game for little kids running around on [...]

Phony Construction Workers Knock-Off Another Armored Car

Two men dressed as construction workers, one reportedly wearing a hard hat and carrying a black and blue canvas bag, robbed an armored car in Columbia Heights this morning, making off in blue-green minivan with yet untold sums of cash. Reporting from the scene, WJLA-TV's Stephen Tschida notes, "this incident is very similar to one which [...]

No Lesser Sentence for Juvenile Carjacker, Appeals Court Rules

The D.C. Court of Appeals on Thursday affirmed the mandatory seven-year jail sentence of a convicted carjacker who was only 16 years old at the time of his offenses.
Court papers show that Juan Peterson, who was arrested alongside several other persons for "a series of armed carjackings," had pleaded guilty to one count of unarmed carjacking and another count of armed [...]

Fenty Booed at Gray’s High School Alma Mater [UPDATED]

An apparent controversy over the top speaking spot at Dunbar High School's commencement services on Monday resulted in boos for Mayor Adrian Fenty.
In a video clip posted by WJLA-TV, you can almost hear his Hizzoner saying, "Thank you so much," amid the chorus of boobirds. Almost. The local ABC affiliate reports:
Both Mayor Fenty and Council Chairman Vincent Gray appeared at [...]

Beleaguered D.C. Schools Now Shining Model for West Virginia

The Charleston (W.Va.) Daily Mail ran an editorial today, praising the D.C. school system's new teacher contract, which, among other things, eliminates seniority rules and promises pay based on performance, as a model for school reform in the Mountain State. Consider this backhanded compliment:
Washington, D.C., schools had to hit rock bottom to win these changes. Let's hope West [...]

Weekend In Review: Long Hot Summer Nights Edition

Homicide is down nearly 25 percent in the former murder capital of America. "But you know, it is still summer," D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier tells WTOP. Just over the weekend, a teenager was shot dead in Anacostia, a retired D.C. cop was critically wounded during a carjacking at a Northeast gas station, and a bicyclist on Southern Avenue was [...]

Rowdy Youths Cause Ruckus at Union Station [UPDATED]

Various news outlets, including WJLA-TV, are reporting Metro's closure of Union Station this afternoon after an apparent altercation, possibly involving a handgun, on the red line.
DC Fire & EMS reports via Twitter of at least one injured party. Meanwhile, We Love DC 's Dave Stroup tweets live from the scene. "[R]eports are two gangs fighting on train, shooting erupted," Stroup noted [...]

Plan Now For Even Pricier Metro Rides This Summer

How much will higher Metro fares impact your own pockets? Adam Tuss at WTOP points out that the transit agency's Trip Planner tool can now tell you.
If you type in a trip, making sure that you use a date that is after June 27, you will be able to see your new fare.
Catching the 8:15 a.m. train [...]

Travis Childers for D.C. Council? Stick to Mississippi, Activists Say

Activists with DC Vote—whose executive director Ilir Zherka figures heavily into this week's City Paper cover story by writer Byron Tau —staged a "file-in" demonstration on Capitol Hill yesterday, one by one filing into the offices of U.S. Rep. Travis Childers in protest of the Mississippi Democrat's efforts to gut the District's gun laws.
It was Childers' 11th-hour [...]

Screaming in Sursum Corda No Cause for Warrantless Searches, Court Rules

The D.C. Court of Appeals on Thursday overturned the juvenile adjudication of a teenager arrested for disorderly conduct and drug possession in 2005 after a police officer took his money and he began yelling for help.
Officer Robert Elliott was patrolling the Sursum Corda neighborhood, described in court papers as "a densely populated residential area known to [...]

D.C. Council Catches World Cup Fever (Sort of)

Emergency legislation passed by D.C. Council yesterday allowing D.C. bars to open as early as 7 a.m. during the World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa would seem to suggest the presence of a few footy fans in the upper eschelons of city government, right?
Well, sort of. "Soccer has enormous interest everywhere, from what I [...]