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AU Adjuncts Vote to Unionize

Attention American University students: Some of the folks who compile your report cards will soon carry union cards.
In a month-long election administered by the National Labor Relations Board, 379 AU adjuncts voted to be represented by Service Employees International Union Local 500. 284 voted against. AU joins about a dozen U.S. private college campuses where [...]

The Union Forever at AU?

Attention, part-time profs: Are you in or are you out? Starting today, adjunct faculty at American University will begin voting on whether or not to join the Service Employees International Union.
Supporters say collective bargaining can help improve pay and job security for adjuncts, the academic world’s version of migrant labor. Non-tenure-track faculty are generally paid [...]

The Washington Post‘s “Compassion Scale”

A gruesome story went unnoticed last week. On Friday the Washington Post reported that Marcellous Lindolph Jr. had been homeless and sleeping in a dumpster in Laurel, Md., when he was picked up and compacted to death by a recycling truck.
The event is disturbing, but so is the Post's coverage of it.

Neighborhood Watch: Fenty Intervenes in Palisades Tree Massacre

The Issue: As summer began giving way to fall, idyllic life in the Palisades was shattered by a dose of cold, cruel reality from D.C. electricity provider Pepco. To improve electrical reliability, Pepco wanted to cut down about 400 trees in the neighborhood as well as (gasp!) 16 others along a few blocks of MacArthur [...]

What Do D.C. and Benin Have in Common?

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Yes, that Benin. Bear with me on this one, folks. It's going to take a minute, but I'll get there.
1. WTOP reported this morning on the Census Bureau's research on travel patterns in the D.C. metro area. The findings: of the region's 2.2 million workers, about 1.5 million commute alone, and about 600,000 [...]

Embassy of Switzerland No Longer Gassy

Traffic is flowing again now on 16th Street, after being closed for about an hour between Euclid St. and Columbia Rd. NW. while police and fire departments responded to a reported gas leak at the Embassy of Switzerland Cuban Interests Section.

Photo by the Intern: Sunshine?

Sunday, New Hampshire Ave. & Randolph St. NW.

Students: Post-RIF McKinley High School “Dreary”

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McKinley Technology High School lost 15 staff members on Oct. 3 to controversial "reductions in force," an effort by Chancellor Michelle Rhee to fix what she says is a budget deficit in District schools. The teachers were escorted out of the school by police, as if they posed a danger to their [...]

Michelle Rhee: Not the Real Braveheart

Haven't had enough fun at the expense of Chancellor Michelle Rhee's "Braveheart" Education Next story? Head over to D.C. Wire, where Bill Turque makes a medieval jab at the profile and its over-the-top lead image:
"The accompanying story by June Kronholz is, as the picture suggests, almost uniformly admiring. Although it doesn't address what happened to [...]

Photos by the Intern: National Equality March

Coming Soon: Chicken Legislation!

The Examiner reported last week that Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells "is proposing to erase rules that prohibit fowl within 50 feet of any building 'used for human habitation.'" Essentially, us Washingtonians would no longer be forbidden to raise chickens in our backyards.
The article says the bill "was drafted on behalf of a Capitol Hill [...]

Street Sense Survives, Thrives During Recession

Davita Simpson, 54, perches a cross the street from Metro Center. She leans against the wall by an ATM, timidly promoting Street Sense to the sharply-dressed weekday morning pedestrians. Selling the paper isn’t a great source of income, she says, “but it helps me get by.” Simpson is currently homeless. She began selling papers [...]

Photos by the Intern: Fiesta DC

Report: 80 Percent of Teachers Don’t Like How School System is Run

Last week, D.C. education nonprofit DC VOICE released the results of their Ready Classrooms Project, a survey of 104 DCPS teachers conducted in the spring. The study, now available online, reports teacher sentiment on a wide range of issues: class size, “teaching to the test,” parent involvement, classroom management, school safety. There's lots of interesting [...]

D.C. Unemployment: It’s Worse than You Think

The District's unemployment rate "rose dramatically" to over 11% last month, the Washington Post reported on Saturday. There were about 36,000 Washingtonians without jobs in August.
11% is certainly not pretty, but D.C.'s actual unemployment rate is probably higher, because the unemployment rate that appears in the newspaper is often misleading.
The problem? It doesn't include what [...]