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This Is Just Really Funny

Check out this epistolary documentation of one man's attempt to pay his utility bill with a drawing of a spider. Now that I know simplistic sketches suffice as payment, I will never call Pepco, WASA, or Comcast regarding bills again.

Chief Lanier on the Petworth Violence

For those of you following the rash of shootings in Petworth this weekend, Police Chief Cathy Lanier left this post on the MPD 4th District message board at 7:59 PM — less than a half hour after rounds were fired on the 800 block of Crittenden St., NW:
Let me assure everyone that this weekends violence [...]

Shooting at Georgia & Allison NW

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According to a message that went out to the MPD-4D listserv this morning from Lt. James Cullen, there was a fatal shooting last night on the 4500 block of Georgia Ave. NW around 9:00 p.m:
On Saturday, Nov. 8th, officers responded to the front of 4506 Georgia Ave., NW, for a shooting victim at [...]

Economic Turmoil Has District Birds in a Tizzy

Has anyone else noticed that the birds in this city have been acting rather strangely of late?  In the last few weeks, wherever I happen to venture after work, the trees seem to shake wildly with flocks of excited birds. I'm talking about excessive chirping, wing-fluttering, branch-vibrating, leave-falling action, all of which contributes to a [...]

Virginia Obama Supporters Accused Of Racism

According to Mary Kane at the Washington Independent, over the past few weeks a deeply disturbing letter has been distributed to residents of Clarendon and Lyon Park who display "Obama for President" signs on their lawns.
This piece of correspondence attempts to make the case that "ostentatious support" of Barack Obama is an act of subconscious [...]

Fringe Festival Closes This Weekend

Yes, that's right–you kept putting it off, putting it off, and now you've only got three days to get to all those shows you meant to see. Or maybe you never meant to see any shows at all. Maybe you were just lying to yourself. Whatever, here's a roundup of some [...]

Fringe & Purge Roundup

Week one of the Capital Fringe Festival has come to a close, and we've reviewed 35 shows and counting on the Fringe & Purge blog. There have been some gems, but there has also been some, well, crap. As you head into a weekend packed with more theater than the frickin' City Dionysia, [...]

What do smoking a cigarette outside the 9:30 Club and the recent "Access Hollywood" interview with Barack Obama's family have in common? Read former City Paper editor David Carr's column in today's New York Times to find out–a good-humored look at what he calls "presidential blowback" (with a CP shout-out to boot).

Capital Fringe Festival Opens Tonight

The third annual Capital Fringe Festival opens tonight with a slate of 120 productions over 18 days at 20 venues in theaters, bars, tents and defunct Italian restaurants around town.  City Paper will be covering the chaos on its Fringe & Purge blog, with veteran critics like Trey Graham and Glen Weldon, online producer Ted Scheinman and [...]

What Do You Do When a Car Hits You?

I just got hit by a car. I was biking across Euclid at 16th Street NW, and everything seemed to be in order: I was in the crosswalk, Euclid had a red light, I had a walk signal. Prime crossing time, I thought, dutifully looking both ways. Nevertheless, a bouncy old Cadillac, [...]

On June 4, the North Columbia Heights Civic Association held a meeting regarding the park at 11th and Monroe. All were welcome, and all were heard, as evidenced by this item in the very comprehensive minutes: "Anonymous resident (self-described drunk who hangs out in the park): people in the park aren't that bad, come [...]

Newseum: Extra, extra, see all about it!

There was a block party on Pennsylvania Avenue this morning–complete with confetti cannons, a very smart bald eagle, several acrobatic roller-skating newsies, and a bevy of young women with televisions affixed to their brassieres–all in celebration of the long-awaited opening of the Newseum.

One moment of irony stuck out amid the fanfare, when a man handed [...]