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Gear Prudence: Is the Tour de France Turning Local Cyclists Into Jerks?

It's possible they have developed maillot jaundice.

Gear Prudence: Put Down the Phone While Cycling!

Put down the phone, boycott this sandwich shop.

Gear Prudence: I Can’t Get Over The Theft of My Bike

"I have been unable to bring myself to buy another bike, even though I like biking."

Gear Prudence: How Do I Handle Tailgaters?

"I’ve had problems with other bicyclists riding up really close behind me, then just staying there."

Gear Prudence: Help! My Boyfriend Has Bike Rage.

"He’s constantly giving drivers the finger and cursing at them, and I’ve seen him get into more than one screaming match when someone has cut him off."

Gear Prudence: I’m an Apartment Dweller. Where Can I Clean My Bike?

Your desire for a clean bike is laudable as is your instinct to avoid cleaning your bike inside your apartment.

Gear Prudence: Should I Accept that Biking’s Not for Me?

Think of bike commuting like Pride and Prejudice.

Gear Prudence: I’m Awkward Around Bike Racks

Real confidence can only come from self-assurance in the proper functioning of your own equipment.

Gear Prudence: Why Do People Take Bikeshare Bikes on the Metro?

It’s masochism.

Gear Prudence: I’m a Teleworker Who Misses My Bike Commute

Plus: How many times can a person wear bike clothes before it's disgusting?

Gear Prudence: Should I Speed Over Broken Glass? Slow Down?

When faced with the fate of flats, is it a fait accompli?

Gear Prudence: Why Is That Cyclist’s Helmet on His Handlebars?

When heads get hot, the helmets come off.

Gear Prudence: Do I Really Need to Train for a 100-Mile Ride?

"I bristle at the idea of 'training,' but is that something I need to do if I want to finish a 100-mile charity ride?"

Gear Prudence: How Can I Tell Another Cyclist His Butt Is Showing?

Is there a non-awkward way to say, “I can see your butt. Is that what you want?”

Gear Prudence: How Can I Convince My Girlfriend to Ride the Bike I Bought Her?

You’re going to need to trick her.