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Gear Prudence: Drivers Aren’t Honking at Me Anymore. Is It Because I’m Not Wearing Lycra?


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Plus: A "friend" who refuses to ride anywhere except the Mount Vernon Trail

The Proposed Baby Eagle Names Are Terrible. Here’s a Better Suggestion.

Honor and Glory? Cherry and Blossom?!

Gear Prudence: My Dog Is at War With My Bike Pump

The dog is probably scared, says an AtlasVet pro.

Gear Prudence: My Co-Worker Hates Cyclists

Plus: Should I replace my perfectly good handlebar tape?

Gear Prudence: I’m Getting a Tax Refund. Should I Buy A Bike or Pay Off My Credit Card Debt?

This is a boring answer, but the right one.

Gear Prudence: Is It OK to Blow My Snot on the Road?

Plus: Should cyclists pull over for emergency vehicles?

Gear Prudence: Is It Practical to View the Cherry Blossoms by Bike?

Overall, GP’s advice is this: Keep moving.

Anacostia Riverwalk Trail’s Crucial D.C.-Maryland Connection on Track for Fall Completion

Checking in with the much-anticipated project

Gear Prudence: I Found an Expensive Bike Jacket on a Trail. Can I Keep It?

Plus: My baby is ruining my (biking) life!

Gear Prudence: How Can I Get a Bike Lane Added to a Particular Street?

Are you a thrill seeker looking for an adrenaline rush? Try local civic participation.

Gear Prudence: My Parents Want to Get Rid of My Old Bike!

Plus: A cyclist judges pedestrians

Gear Prudence: I Keep Getting Lost While Biking

I spend more time looking at the map on my phone than actually riding.

Gear Prudence: I Biked on the Sidewalk Where It’s Legal. Then Another Cyclist Scolded Me!

Plus: Do the different bicycle emojis mean different things?

Gear Prudence: I Need to Ban Guests’ Bikes From My Home

GP is an excellent host.