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There’s a simple answer and more complicated answer.

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Snitching on abandoned bikes and recovering from close calls.

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As with most unpleasant things, the best strategy is avoidance.

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When there is a bike lane present and a cyclist isn’t in it, it can be baffling. But there are reasons.

Gear Prudence: Should I Let My Bikeshare Membership Expire?

It’s OK; Bikeshare wasn’t exclusive with you anyway.

Gear Prudence: I’m Perfect. How Can I Force Other Cyclists to Behave Like Me?

If you want to call someone a dick, call him a dick. It’s a free country.

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There are three big reasons to be concerned about buying a bike (or anything else, really) from online listing sites.

Gear Prudence: Are Cycling Shoes Worth Buying?

Having shoes that attach to your bike is useful if you’re the kind of person who is always misplacing your shoes.

Gear Prudence: Get Outta the Bike Lane, Runners!

Also: How to tell a bike-commuting colleague he needs a shower

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Shoaling: It's not just for bikes anymore!

Gear Prudence: I Can’t Stand Blinking Bike Lights!

Lumination is laudatory, but be considerate.

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Beware the darkness, snow, and tauntaun guts.

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What's ahead in 2015 for biking in D.C.

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