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Bat Karma: How Can the Nats Exorcise Their Demons?

Their recent winning streak notwithstanding, it’s not easy to conjure up many good feelings about the Washington Nationals in 2013. Isn’t this the team that all the Sports Illustrated gurus and ESPN yakkers predicted would roll through to the World Series? Yet here we are, in early August, with the Nationals hovering around .500 and [...]

Occupy D.C. Posts Video of MPD Officer Allegedly “Choking” Protester

As a member of Occupy D.C. hinted at yesterday's rally outside Metropolitan Police Department headquarters, the group posted video taken last Friday night of what appears to be an MPD officer wrapping his hand around the neck of a protester while Occupy D.C. was at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center to protest a meeting [...]

Occupy D.C. Occupies MPD

The Occupy D.C. movement descended on the Metropolitan Police Department's headquarters Monday afternoon to demand an investigation into an incident Friday night, in which four protesters were struck by cars outside the Walter E. Washington Convention Center while protesting a meeting of Americans for Prosperity.
One of the protesters, Heidi Sippel, told a crowd at a press [...]