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Commonwealth Worth the (Really Long) Wait

My good friend, roommate, and I decided to check out Commonwealth, the new restaurant in Columbia Heights, last night, and though many of the menu items were unavailable, we ended up having a pretty good meal. Our server was very helpful and knowledgeable about the menu, though it was obvious the kinks with the service [...]

The Cupcake Quest Continues

Yesterday afternoon, I was called upstairs to the production room to try a couple cupcakes an account executive had picked up from Baked & Wired, a bakery near the Shops at Georgetown Park. I guess someone up there had read my previous post about Cakelove and knew I'd be interested in a tasty treat. For [...]

Yesterday’s 7th Street NW Closure

Yesterday, in my quest to meet new people and feel more at home in this new city, I decided to attend a meetup at the Gallery Place cinema. Our group watched the new Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly movie Step Brothers (which, if I were a movie critic, I'd describe as "a rip-roaring good time," but [...]

Turtle Leads Scientists to Marijuana Farm in Rock Creek Park

Watch out, drug-sniffing dogs: You've got some competition.
According to an article posted this morning, a turtle fitted with a GPS device meandered into a remote area of Rock Creek Park and led a National Park Service employee to a marijuana-growing operation.
A National Park Service employee was tracking a turtle with the gadget for research [...]

A Tangled Situation

My hair has gotten to that point, folks. It's time for a haircut.
I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but there's a point—an actual length—in the afterlife of my hair follicles when all hell breaks loose. In January 2007, I was so sick of it (and it was long enough, after the split [...]

Hot Child in the City

Today has been declared "Code Orange," weather-wise. I'm still not clear why it's not called something more creative, like "Miserable Maroon Monday," "Red Hot Heat," or even just "Code Red," (what is orange supposed to imply? acid?), but that's another thing entirely.'s local news page reported:
The National Weather Service forecasts the temperature in the Washington [...]

510 Calories for a Cookie?! posted an article today about New York City's new legislation requiring city restaurants to post calorie counts in the same size and font as the food price.
New Yorkers have been in the throes of sticker shock since this spring when the Big Apple became the first city in the country to implement a law [...]

I'm probably the last person to see this, but I still think it's worth posting. This video provides enough reason for people to use better bike locks (and use them correctly).
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Enjoy Here While You’re Here, Folks

It boggles my mind how all you District dwellers don't appreciate the scenery around here. Yes, I'm a recent transplant to D.C., and to the East Coast in general, so my sense of newness really helps the amazement of seeing the beautiful architecture and famous buildings and monuments. But let me tell you, on my [...]

Crossword Correction

During your first week at a new job, it's expected to make mistakes while learning new tasks and ways of doing stuff, right? Well, I royally messed up, and in the publishing business, that sometimes means that everyone and their literate dog has access to that mistake.
The crossword fiends among us maybe have already noticed [...]

The Elusive Metal Shopping Cart

What is the deal with all of these metal carts I see everywhere? And where does one get one for less than $40? I've never seen one before moving to the East Coast, and I'm dismayed that everyone seems to have one (that is, except my roommate and me). I've been far too shy [...]

No Love for CakeLove

As I mentioned before, I'm brand new to the District. In fact, this is day 8 of my new life on the East Coast. With this new transition comes adjustments to weather (How ridiculous is this weather, people? I'll tell you. It's ridiculous!) and discoveries of fun things to do and great places to spend [...]

How’s the water in Washington?

I recently moved to the District from the other Washington (as in, I flew over Monday night), and while chatting up the sublettor as he packed the last of his things, he mentioned that he was taking his Brita filter with him. I haven't gotten a chance to talk to my new roommate about this [...]