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Will Strauss Debate the Shadow?

A few months ago, Damien "Lincoln" Ober launched a campaign to run as a Libertarian against D.C. Shadow Senator Paul Strauss. Ober, a film-maker, bartender and writer, saw the effort as a science-fiction art project. Which may have been why he took the challenge so seriously.
With the help of friends and D.C. Libertarians, he got [...]

Our Morning Roundup

Some poor kid in Kentucky wrote a story about zombies taking over a high school. Then his grandparents found the manuscript, realized the boy was probably planning to blow up his school and turned him in to police. Now he's sitting in jail facing felony charges.
NYU economist goes off on Nick Denton. Nouriel Roubini may [...]

Vote Early, If Not Often

Hey Virginians: go vote! In Arlington County, you qualify for absentee voting if you have as little as a coffee date in D.C. on November 4. According to the guide you can vote early, by mail or in person, till November 1 if:
"you have any kind of personal business – it doesn't matter what it [...]

From the Dept. of Weird Jobs: Professional Muse

David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary is a prim website that covers the elites with respect, no mucking up the party reports with tawdry gossip or controversy. The site is tame. I read it for the classifieds. Recently, among the "Situations Wanted" ads, where you can find nannies from the Philippines and vocal coaches [...]

BS Trend Story Alert

I'm not sure I buy the thesis of today's Post story on how the post Gen-X generation is doing good instead of making money. They don't have any comparative stats to prove their claim, other than the number of new business school programs in "social entrepreneurship," which proves only that someone is profiting from this [...]

Laid Back, Gin & Juice at Smith Point

Someone just forwarded this ad for a Gin and Juice night at Smith Point, sponsored by LNS of course. I'm not sure exactly which design elements make the image so offensive. Perhaps it's the randomly chosen photos of shirtless rappers? I have to wonder if the organizers just don't realize that ironic/nostalgic references to Snoop [...]

I Want More Public Records

D.C. is a crap town for public records. Especially police reports. I moved here from Seattle, where I could go down to the station and peruse stacks of reports. The Stranger, where I worked, based a weekly column off the documents, which were all written out with long, descriptive narratives. In D.C., there ain't no [...]

Eric Nuzum Goes Ghost Hunting Without the Schtick

In the category of dudes with day-jobs who write books, the scary travelogue/ history of vampires/Gothic New England/haunted houses seems to be the genre of choice. So when I got the new paper back edition of Eric Nuzum’s treatise on vampires, The Dead Travel Fast, I expected little more than an entertaining gift book. I [...]

Our Morning Roundup

China to the rescue? Maybe.  Just consider the amount of household debt as a percentage of GDP between China, 13 percent,  and the United States, 100 percent.
Just in time for a recession: $14-a-bottle designer water.
District Heights home-builders collect $1 million from buyers, then never build the homes.
Slate takes a look at a Chinese village that's [...]

Whither Options for Underemployed Journalists?

One of the problems faced by journalists contemplating the dismal future of our occupation is our general lack of qualification. Despite our skill at assessing the job performance of politicians, architects and socialites, we tend to find ourselves lacking in demonstrable job skills. We don't know supply chain from matrix management. Not that I've been [...]

Does McCain Want Me to Sell Stolen Goods? has a nice rundown of all the facts the candidates got wrong in the debate last night. McCain's creative interpretations of his "tax cuts" and health care plans are old hat. But what's this about eBay? McCain said 1.3 million Americans make their living off the online marketplace. Wrong. The number, according to Factcheck, [...]

Sarah Palin Crosses Her Sevens

Hot reporting from Noam Scheiber at TNR, who found this high-school-style note scribbled by Palin in 1996. Her scribbles sketch out ideas for her run for mayor, like: "Time for a Change" and "You would be my boss!"

Say Goodbye to Lt. Smith, Tireless Cop and Provider of City Paper Story Ideas

Oh no! What will we do without Lt. Michael Smith? The 27-year MPD veteran is retiring and moving to Florida, perhaps to teach SCUBA diving. He was one of the rare DC cops who would always talk when reporters called, which was awesome on deadline but sometimes made you wonder what was wrong with his [...]

YouthAIDS Gala: the Weird World of Ashley Judd

Last Friday night, after another day of bad news for the market, 580 undeterred revelers traveled to McLean, Va., to attend the $2,500 a seat YouthAIDS Gala at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The party is one of Washington's most celebrity-obsessed events, with recent attendees like Bono, Desmond Tutu and Dave Mathews. This year's theme, "The [...]

Job Insecurity Not Limited to Old Media/ Mid-70s-Era New Media

Radar Online has news of cuts at Gawker, which include the talented Moe Tkacik. Time to start drinking.