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God Save the Quinoa: Scheele’s Turns 120 With an Assist From Georgetown Residents

There’s something sacred about the bond between East Georgetown residents and their favorite corner store, and it’s a bond that not even sky-high property values can break.
Scheele’s Market, a quaint grocery at the corner of 29th and Dumbarton streets NW, celebrates its 120th birthday this year. It’s by far the oldest corner store in Georgetown, [...]

What’s Your Favorite Corner Store in D.C.?

It's 9:30 p.m. and rainy, but you feel like a cookie. You ran out of coffee creamer that morning, too—and you just used your last foot of dental floss.
Wait till tomorrow and hit Safeway on the way home from work? No, these are needs that must be addressed now. You're heading to your local corner [...]

Stadium Closes, Twitter Grieves

Judging by the tweets, the District's seizure of James "Tru" Redding's Stadium strip club is the biggest government shutdown since, well, the government shutdown, I guess.
When news broke yesterday that D.C. had taken over the club to collect on $100,000 in unpaid taxes from Redding's shuttered TruOrleans restaurant, reactions on the social media service fell [...]

Riding Your Bike on an Empty Rock Creek Parkway: Awesome

Riding my bike from Alexandria this morning, I furrowed my brow when I saw soldiers and National Park Service rangers blocking off the Memorial Bridge. "No way," I thought. "No effing way." (I'm one of those nondrivers who didn't pay attention to the road-closure announcements last week.) But I asked a cheery guy in a truck—I [...]