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Petting Zoo Fans Plan Civil Disobedience to Save Bunnies, Goats, Pizza

Hey, everyone's got a cause: A group opposing the Smithsonian's plan to close its Kids' Farm petting zoo will stage a pet-in at the soon-to-close facilityon  February 26, from 10am until noon.
"The zoo is taking away a major educational tool for young children," says Jamie Davis Smith, organizer of the pet-in and creator [...]

New Facebook Group Dedicated To Saving The Smithsonian’s Petting Zoo

There's a new facebook group dedicated to saving the Smithsonian's petting zoo, which – according to the Smithsonian's 2012 proposed budget – will be closing in the spring or early summer due to budget cuts. (Budget cuts? The Smithsonian asked for $100 million more in appropriations for FY 2012 than it received in its last [...]

Triumphant Outcast Psychic Eyes Bethesda Comeback

Nick Nefedro, the Gypsy psychic who challenged Montgomery County's fortune-telling ban and won, tells City Desk that he plans to come back to Bethesda and start looking for a place to re-open his psychic shop. 
Well, just as soon as the time for filing an appeal is up. The county has 90 days to dispute the June 10 Maryland [...]

Hair Flair For Hope holding free wig-making workshops for charity

Sherri Sosslau is in the process of making 40 colorful yarn wigs for kids who are residents of the Hematology Department at Children's National Medical Center. She has 12 so far, and could use your help getting the rest done in time for the holidays.
Sherri is holding two "Hair Flair for Hope" wig-making sessions on [...]

Has Anyone Seen This Blonde?

I post this on behalf of Lola Lombard, the blonde on the left, who is looking for the blonde on the right in this photo.

Writes Lola to the blonde:
Dear Mystery Blonde,
You took my photo at the amazing Art of Change Inaugural Ball. I hand-painted my dress just for that night. It created quite a stir, [...]

The $60,000 Diet: Does It Work?

My friend Ray made a $60,000 bet with his friend Ted that he'd lose 60 pounds in nine months. Ted made the same bet back. At the end of nine months, Ray and Ted have to pay each other $1,000 per pound each has lost. Ray claims he's hoping no money changes [...]

D.C. Libraries: Not a Homeless Shelter, Especially in the West End

Edward Robinson-El came to the West End Library to be its new manager about a month ago. He had managed various libraries around Brooklyn, where he had customers of many ethnicities—Orthodox Jews, Italians, you name it—and income levels. Still, Robinson-El was surprised when he got to the West End Library and found out who his [...]

Ambulances for Abortions?

Today's Washington Post article about pro-life pharmacies refusing to dispense birth control pills and condoms, and ambulance drivers refusing to take women for abortions, raises important questions, like: Are women really taking ambulances to their abortions? I've never heard of that before.
I called American Medical Response—an ambulance company in Northeast—to ask if they'd ever heard [...]

Is It Possible to Get Pregnant From a Towel?

My cousin was pregnant with her second child, and she and her husband went to the doctor for some tests, one of which pinpointed the exact date of conception. The doctor said to my cousin and her husband, "The test says you got pregnant on XYZ date. Does that seem right to you?" [...]

Waiting Until The Third Date

Last time I dated was more than five years ago and back then there was the internet, sure, which was terrific – but there was no Facebook. Now there's Facebook, and I think there's also a need to establish a few more rules when it comes to Facebook and dating, starting with:
Please don't "friend" [...]

Ducks in Farragut North and Explanation for Same

So for the first time in my life the other day I'm early for a meeting—this one is in Farragut North, and so I decide to kill time in the park across the street until I could be awkwardly tardy as is my wont. And in the park is the usual melange of office workers, [...]

Watch Out: Lawyers About

Mark Leventhal started a weight loss service for lawyers (WARNING: mildly intoxicating/annoying music plays when you open this link).
Why, I wondered after reading a press release about said service, do lawyers need their own weight loss service? This deserved a phone call.
It takes a lawyer to understand lawyers, Leventhal said—to know how to [...]

Mystery Solved! Kind of.

The case of the mysterious green Saab that is frequently parked in front of a fire hydrant but never has any tickets on it is closed, more or less.

A couple of months ago my brother and sister-in-law noticed a green Saab – the one pictured above with its license plate blurred out – that was, [...]

A Few Thoughts About Guam

If Catholics prefer Hillary, and Guam is overwhelmingly Catholic, then how did Obama win Guam? Is it the islander connection—Obama being from Hawaii, which is the New York of Micronesia? Is it, as Slate suggests, that Catholics generally prefer Hillary because they don't want to support a non-Caucasian candidate—which presumably isn't an issue [...]