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Dwan Jordon’s Image Takes Blow With New DCPS Test Scores

Sousa Middle School’s revolutionary principal, Dwan Jordon, has garnered substantial attention from the press this summer. A protégé of the Rhee administration’s reform movement, Jordan was featured on the front page of the Post on July 6, and has been the subject of three subsequent articles on the Post’s education blogs, Class Struggle and The [...]

U Street Water Main Leaves Businesses High and Dry

A couple minutes after 4 p.m. yesterday, a water main break at the intersection of U Street and Florida Avenue NW caused a number of businesses to close early, and sent neighbors scrambling to protect their basements from flooding. The section between 16th and 18th Streets was closed to traffic for a couple hours as [...]

Our Morning Roundup: “Systematic Breakdown” Edition

Good morning, Washington. Alas, the steamy heat is back upon us. Forecast calls for temperatures in the mid-90s and a chance of t-storms in the evening. For those unfortunate 42,000 Pepco customers still without power after Sunday’s epic storm, today could be a long day.
The National Transportation Security Board voiced its concerns yesterday about WMATA’s [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Pesky Montanans Edition

Good morning, Washington. It’s that same old feeling outside today: hot and humid with a chance of showers and t-storms in the evening. Perhaps the weather is to blame for the District’s sluggish job growth.
The Examiner reports D.C. speed cameras are hauling in a record amount of money from careless drivers. And it just so [...]

Our Morning Roundup: “Just Having a Good Time” at the Porn Trial Edition

Good morning, Washington. If you woke up this morning and couldn’t turn on the lights, you’re not the only one! Thousands of D.C. area residents lost power last night after those epic storms dropped us a visit. As one acute observer described it to WaPo, it was a “thunderous deluge” with lightning showing up in [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Sure Is Hot Out There! Edition

Good morning, folks. If you managed to avoid yesterday’s mind-numbing heat, don't worry—you get another shot at experiencing it today. And tomorrow, maybe; temperatures are expected to hover around 100 degrees for a little while longer. So take advantage of the Department of Parks and Recreation’s decision to open all outdoor pools two hours early, [...]

Lawsuit Filed as WTU Election Fiasco Gets Personal

Who, exactly, is in charge of Washington Teachers’ Union?
Current president George Parker’s term ended Thursday—at least as far as the union’s constitution is concerned. On July 1, new officers were supposed to take office. But the elections that would have determined who started a new three-year term then were never held—and now WTU’s leadership is [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Performance-Based Pay Raise Edition

Good Morning, all. You can finally say farewell to that oppressive heat wave; for the next week, temperatures will hover in the low 80s, with mostly sunny skies.
Breaking news today for D.C. teachers: yesterday, the D.C. Council officially ended 2 ½ years of political jostling by approving a contract with the Washington Teachers’ Union that [...]

World Cup Roundup: Turning Japanese With Blue Samurais

The Embassy of Japan missed its chance to host a live screening of the country's historic first World Cup victory. The nation's surprising advancement to the knockout round, meanwhile, calls for serious fanfare. Special correspondent Alex Burchfield reports from the Japanese Information and Cultural Center in Dupont Circle, where guards seized his water bottle shortly before this morning's match between Paraguay and the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Ball of Fire Edition

Good Morning, Washington. Stay out of the heat today and off I-270. Three southbound lanes have been reopened after downed power lines stopped traffic early this morning, but all northbound lanes still remain closed.
For all you cyclists in the District, that pesky bike lane in the center of Pennsylvania Avenue is finally open for your [...]

World Cup Roundup: An Historic Oversight at the Embassy of Japan

Clearly, not everyone is playing hooky from work during World Cup action this week. "We weren't planning on having a screening of the game," an official at the Embassy of Japan told City Desk following the Asian nation's Monday morning clash with African favorite Cameroon. An historic oversight, it turns out. Spoiler Alert! Japan's newfound glory would come as news to our contact [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Strasmania Edition

Good morning, Washington. Today’s Wednesday and the sun has left us. But don’t despair. At least foxes aren’t attacking you.
The messiah returned yesterday, arriving in the form of a 21-year-old man with a buzzed head and a 99 mph fastball. And you thought he would show up on a donkey?  Stephen Strasburg made his major [...]

D.C. Teachers ‘Livid’ About Union Election Debacle

The end is near for George Parker’s term as Washington Teachers’ Union President – but he doesn’t seem to think so. The WTU Elections Committee has accused Parker of withholding documents that would allow the committee to conduct new elections. These documents include nominating petitions, union membership lists, and union dues reports. Under the WTU’s [...]

Neighborhood Watch: No Voluntary Do-Overs in Georgetown

The Issue: Six Georgetown restaurants, including four along Washington Harbour, are trying to back out of their voluntary agreements with neighbors. The VAs, as they're often called in NIMBY circles, legally bind the operators to certain hours and methods of operation as a condition of their licenses to sell alcohol. Violations of these agreements tend to draw [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Pocahontas in Chains Edition

Good morning, Washington! Today’s Wednesday, the second day of June, and the air still sucks. A Code Orange air quality alert has been issued, so don’t go outside today, folks. Stay in and enjoy the air conditioning.
Prosecutors are scrambling for an answer in the Robert Wone murder trial, now pointing their clumsy judicial finger at [...]