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Why Are All the Best Moments in Gabriel Sherman’s Washington Post Story in His Twitter Feed Instead?

Today in The New Republic, Gabriel Sherman takes a long look at what the subhead calls the "messy collapse of a great newspaper," the Washington Post. There are some great moments in there, like when Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli kills a spider in the car of Katharine Weymouth, the Post's publisher.
Strangely, though, Sherman's Twitter [...]

UPDATED: Bloggers on Yesterday’s Summit With Catoe: No Indication He Was Resigning

Yesterday John Catoe, the suddenly retiring general manager of Metro, sat down with 11 local bloggers, including folks from Greater Greater Washington, We Love DC, and Prince of Petworth. Some of these people have already written up their meetings.
"I'm a little dumbfounded," says We Love DC's Tom Bridge of Catoe's resignation. "We had no indication [...]

Yesterday, John Catoe Decided to Meet With Bloggers

Today he's supposedly out of a job. Coincidence?
[Greater Greater Washington]

Carman on Why D.C. Has So Little Great Ethnic Food

Tim Carman was on Warren Rojas' chat today, and a reader asked him about the difference between D.C. and Virginia's dining scenes. CARMAN:
But the main difference is that NoVa is stuffed with great ethnic eateries: Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and on and on. It's a matter of economics. The lower rents afforded by surburban [...]

Morning Roundup: The State We Are Not In Edition

Virginia! It's probably a 20 minute bike ride from you, yet when did you last think about D.C.'s western neighbor? Was it when you saw a group of young men exit a car on 18th Street NW wearing shorts in sub-freezing weather? Was it when you wanted some decent pho? Was it when Bob McDonnell [...]

Forget About Whether City Paper Staffers Are White: How Many of Us Still Consider Ourselves Gentrifiers?

In March 2006, about a month after I started working at City Paper, Staff Writer Huan Hsu wrote a characteristically awesome piece about the lily-whiteness of this newspaper's staff.
It’s not all that surprising that the Washingtonian is a really white magazine. It would seem a much bigger problem for the City Paper, which purports to [...]

If the Washington Wizards Owned This Book, Gilbert Arenas’ Life Would Be So Different Right Now

People are what make games fun. The jokes and reactions to turns of fortune build to humorous levels that at times are more memorable than any stakes that were won or lost....A Bourre' game is tailor made for such foolishness, maybe that's why it's so popular in South Lousiana....So gather up a half-dozen or so [...]

Learn About Bourré, the Game That Took Gilbert Arenas Down

It all started with a card game on whose rules no one can agree. In Mike Wise's landmark article in today's Washington Post, we learn that the roots of Gilbert Arenas' current woes were a not-so-friendly game of "boo-ray."
The Wizards' Javaris Crittenton, Wise writes, "already angry over a dispute over the game's rules, became irate [...]

Morning Roundup: Knee-Deep in the Boo-ray Edition

Mike Wise's description of the incident that has led to Gilbert Arenas' Waterloo is amazing.
A brief-as-possible summary:

Morning Roundup: The News From Scotland Edition

Hello and welcome to the last morning roundup of whatever the name of that decade we just had was (valiant attempt here)! I am in Scotland and don't know anything that's going on at home, so this may not be too informative. (Unless you want to know about Ant & Dec's Christmas show!) But if [...]

Things to Do During a Snowstorm: 1) Be a Jerk About the Term “Blizzard”

Hey, this isn't a blizzard, if I'm reading my weather-geek info properly. The specifics on different sites vary, but the conditions for the proper use of the term are very similar. A blizzard has:

High winds. The Canadian government says winds of 40km/hr (25mph) or more. says 35mph.
Significantly reduced visibility.
Wind chill that brings the temperature [...]

Holy Crap! Bruce Allen Taking Over for Cerrato!

Thank you for honoring the tradition of content below the headline, but all I have to say is in the title of this post.

Morning Roundup: Holy Crap, Vinny Cerrato Resigned Edition

Holy crap! Vinny Cerrato resigned!
After the jump, the morning roundup I was working on before I read that.

Morning Roundup: The Climate Changes Edition

I cannot believe the Washington Post let her spread her incoherent writing and bizarre antecdotes all over its pages, AGAIN: I am speaking, of course, about DeNeen L. Brown, the Post staffer responsible for Beaujon's iron law about Style section pieces: Their quality is in inverse proportion to their use of italics. EXAMPLE! But today, [...]

What Is With This Use of English on FishbowlDC?

I would not pay an extra price .25 for writing like this!