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Four-Year Roundup

One time in an edit meeting, Erik Wemple said I'd make a terrible profile subject. Drawing a line on a piece of paper, he put me at one end and Jonathan Rees at the other. Rees was too nuts, he said (paraphrasing here) and I was too boring. The ideal City Paper subject, he posited, [...]

Nick Clegg! Nick Clegg! A Morning Roundup About NICK CLEGG!

Nick Clegg fever! CATCH IT! For those of you uninfected, he's like Obama—except British, white, atheist, and popular. You ask a man on the street (or "street," as it's called in Britain) what he thinks about Nick Clegg, and he'll say "FUCK YEAH!" or whatever British people say instead of that ("FUCK YES!"?). And then [...]

Morning Roundup: Had to Be There Edition

Andrew Beaujon, the managing editor of Washington City Paper, sat at a computer in his Warwick Village rental home on Wednesday night. He was reading about ducklings. Old-house dust, the result of a tussle that evening with some new kitchen cabinets in a 1940s rowhouse he is renovating nearby, ringed his cuticles.
"These 'Had to Be [...]

The Washington Post Hunts Publishing’s White Whale: The “Talk of the Town-Style Feature”

Everyone I've ever worked with, including me, has at one point or another proposed bringing in some "Talk of the Town-style pieces." This ambition fails to take into account that if the "Talk of the Town-style piece" were feasible, maybe they'd exist in a publication other than the New Yorker, where such pieces are called [...]

Morning Roundup: Sad Virginia A-Holes Cry Racist Tears Edition

In Virginia, gays can't get any kind of official recognition. But celebrations of institutionalized racism can! Yesterday, Gov. Bob McDonnell apologized for declaring April "Confederate History Month" (Note: south of the Mixing Bowl, the term for this is "month") without mentioning that...whole slavery thing. Getting smacked by Sheila Johnson may have speeded the apology.
Brag [...]

NBC4 SUV Struck Cyclist at Sherman Avenue and Euclid Street NW

The police aren't releasing the name of the cyclist who was struck at Sherman Avenue and Euclid Street NW this morning. A spokesperson for NBC4 says that a photographer in one of the station's SUVs was heading down Sherman–he declined to give a name–when a cyclist ran a red light and collided with the car. [...]

UPDATED: Sherman Avenue NW Reopens After Bicyclist Struck by Car

So says DDOT's Twitter. Police tell me no one's been killed. The accident happened almost three hours ago.
UPDATE 11:54 Three eyewitnesses tell me the cyclist was struck by a news van. I'm waiting for confirmation from the station they told me the van belonged to. One guy said the cyclist wasn't wearing a helmet and [...]

Morning Roundup: The Redskins May Sign a Native Edition

Sam Bradford, a Cherokee quarterback from Oklahoma, may become a Redskin. Tom Boswell loves this prospect. Some others don't. Is this really the conversation we need to be having in this country right now, especially when Chief Zee is facing retirement? And while we're at it, was Beattie Feathers a real name?

Should Cyclists Worry About Killing Worms When It Rains?

My morning ride through Rock Creek Park is one of the best parts of my day, and it's even better in the rain, when joggers and other distractions are few and I can ride in a head-clearing Zen state.
But the bike path is covered with squishable threats to this Zen state. Namely, worms, who [...]

Petula Dvorak Plays the Mommy Card

Petula Dvorak thinks Erik Wemple's "criticism of [her] 'mommy track columnizing'" in this week's Best of D.C. issue "illuminates one of the deep cultural rifts of our time."

Morning Roundup: Unhappy Pranksters, Unhappy Racists, Unhappy Guinea Pigs Edition

IT'S BEST OF D.C.! Hey, pick up a paper! It weighs, like, 2 pounds this week and is filled with the usual mix of staff picks (the stuff no one cares about) and readers poll results (precisely the opposite). And in that readers poll, Best Wizards Player honors go to...Gilbert Arenas, for whom today is [...]

Tim Carman Nominated for Beard Foundation Award

Washington City Paper food columnist Tim Carman has been nominated for a Beard Foundation Award. This is unfolding via Twitter, so I'm not certain which of Tim's articles made the cut, but I believe this tweet refers to Specifics announced! The nom is (indeed) for Tim's May 2009 piece "How Not to Hire a Chef." [...]

Weekend in Review: Days of Rage Edition

Did you rage this weekend? If not, did you get your living room spackled, sanded, and primed? Did you spend so much time listening to 105.9 the Edge that you found yourself thinking things like, On third listen, I adjudge that the bass line of "Living on a Prayer" is the most important part [...]

Morning Roundup: If He Died in Memphis, Then That’d Be Cool Edition

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Alex Chilton is dead. Avoid conversations with middle-aged ex-indie rockers today. We will be morose and more unbearable than usual.
Other stuff happened yesterday:

AU’s Battle of the Bottle

There was a time when Washingtonians who like their water from the tap and those who prefer it in bottles got along just fine. That time was called "last week."