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Shaw Brewpub Gets Communal Bike Pump


The Shaw neighborhood has another new addition, and this time it's not a new restaurant with expensive drinks. It's a $700 bike pump.

Right Proper Brewing Company—the restaurant and brewpub right next to the Howard Theatre—now has a bike pump for anyone to use outside the restaurant.

Right Proper installed 10 (always packed) bike racks near its entrance about a month ago, and got the bike pump around the same time.

Thor Cheston, the restaurant's co-owner, says they decided to purchase the pump because many of their customers bike to Right Proper and there aren't many public bike pumps available in D.C.

"We're really into hospitality and doing as much for our guests as possible, and I thought this was a nice extension of that position," says Cheston. "It's kind of fun seeing everyone discover it."

The  heavy, bolted down pump, which Right Proper purchased through the Bike Rack bicycle store at 14th and Q streets NW, is meant to withstand all weather conditions.

"It really is the best bike pump," Cheston says.

(Note: The Washington City Paper office also has a communal bike pump. It was not $700.)

Photo by Perry Stein

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  • Lisa

    Unless I misunderstood previous posts on the subject, the city installed the bike racks at city expense. It's nice they put the pump though.

  • John Brown

    True, but I think the business has to affirmatively request them. Which, if you've ever biked to the bars on 14th Street (where there are many blocks completely devoid of bike parking), makes a big difference.