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American Crossroads Slams Sen. Mary Landrieu for Helping D.C.

Republicans didn't seem to have a problem when politicians like Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Thomas Massie, and Rep. Andy Harris tried to insert themselves into local D.C. politics this year, but then again, they're all Republicans. Now some GOP operatives are going hard at Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana for trying to speak on behalf of D.C. residents, who don't have representation in the Senate.

American Crossroads—the Karl Rove-founded Super PAC—released a biting one-minute ad today painting Landrieu, who is facing a tough reelection bid against Republican Bill Cassidy, as a senator representing D.C., not Louisiana. The ad pastes together a bunch of news clips in which people are commending all the work Landrieu has done on behalf of D.C. residents.

"The District of Columbia, which has about 650,000 people, I want to speak on their behalf," Landrieu says.

At one point, there's a clip of Mayor Vince Gray calling Landrieu the “senator representing the District of Columbia until we become the 51st state.”

Landrieu has recently come under fire for not actually owning a home in Louisiana—she has used her parents' address—yet having a $2.5 million home in Capitol Hill. A state legislator even sued her, contending that she lives in Washington and is ineligible to represent Louisiana.

So does this ad mean that American Crossroads believes that D.C. should be autonomous, or, at the very least, that national politicians shouldn't interfere with local affairs? We'd guess probably not. After all, Massie, who is also up for re-election, says he introduced legislation to gut D.C.'s gun laws to show his Kentucky constituents that he is pro-guns—and American Crossroads has yet to run an ad about that.

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  • Gloria Vanderbilt

    I guess we, the 650,000, should each send Senator Landrieu $1 to help her efforts. The people of Louisiana need to be reminded that we are not islands unto ourselves and our mutual interests can be entwined. If we were and Rove and his cronies had their way there would still be a colony in the Superdome. We should send a copy of that iconic photo of Shrub sneering out the window of Air Force One offended by all the icky wet people below. Meanwhile the people were dependent on Anderson Cooper to show the National Guard into the city of New Orleans. That is the measure of Karl Rove.

    Leadership which factors mutual interests into the mix is called statesmen ship. It is what Senators are supposed to practice. Those focused solely on parochial self interests are called republicans.

  • Typical DC BS

    Nice spin. Guess you failed to point out that the Dumocrats that were left behind after the hurricane in New Orleans were the morons who were warned for DAYS before to evacuate. But, you go ahead and propagandize all you want - Landreiu is going down hard.
    Hope you love the GOP Senate we'll have after the fall elections. Your knee jerk left wing bloviating will prove to be USELESS.

  • Murjani

    Guess you fail to remember that those left behind were those too poor, elderly, or sick to evacuate. Those were the ones that were abandoned by the idiocy that was the last republican administration. Spin that!

    "Heck of a job, Brownie!"

  • Typical DC BS

    As with most liberal morons, Murjani, your worthless memory has failed to kick in to remind you that both the Mayor of New Orleans, as well as the governor of Louisiana, were DUMOCRATS. Funny how the GOVERNOR is supposed to call out the National Guard in the event of an emergency, which the DUMOCRATIC GOVERNOR failed to do for DAYS after Katrina.
    But, being the good liberal DUMOCRATS you and they are, their incompetence is overlooked by fellow libtards such as yourself. Easier to "blame Bush" like your messiah, Obumbler, even though the main source of New Orlean's misery was due to DUMOCRATIC incompetence at the local and state level.

  • Holier than thou


  • dasindog

    If you're not from New Orleans, you may not know that the infamous Katrina mayor has now been convicted by a federal court.

  • Typical DC BS

    Dopier than thou: If that's the best you can do, I've easily won that argument.