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The Needle: Worst Nats Fan

And the richest Washington-area person is...

Photo: Crowd Listening to Joshua Bell

Want Free Nats Playoff Tickets? Just Have a Threesome With This Charmer

Ladies only, please.

District Line Daily: D.C.’s Problematic Safe Drivers

Congress to grill the Secret Service.

The Needle: Secretive Service

Paul Pierce and Al Pacino boss out together on a private plane.

American University Is the Latest Metro Savior for the Nationals

If you take the subway home after midnight during baseball's postseason, thank AU, not the Nats.

District Line Daily: Secret Service Stumbles

News details of 2011 White House attack emerge.

Photo: Kelly Towles @ Crafty Bastards

The Needle: Stale Snyder

Always remember the first rule of Flight Club.

Chatter: The Schwartz Is Strong With This One

Were readers charmed by the Schwartz campaign?

The Pigskins Daily Show Segment You’ve Been Waiting For

But the good stuff was cut.

District Line Daily: Eric Holder and D.C. Voting Rights

Rock Creek Park turns the big 1-2-4!

The Needle: In D.C., Out of California

Out-Of-Here: Turns out that when you get a frozen In-N-Out burger delivered to D.C., it's soggy, chewy, and it all-around looks and sounds pretty gross. OrderAhead, a food deliver app, delivered a few hundred burgers to D.C. today, which, of course, sold out in 30-minutes. -3
Girls Rule: Prince George's County's Bladensburg High School's newest JV defensive end [...]

Buy D.C.: Glorious Bastards

Each week, Buy D.C. will highlight shops and items you can only find in the D.C. area.

District Line Daily: Peter May I?

If only any of the attorney general candidates knew what being attorney general entailed.