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The Needle: Ride Sabotaging


Playing Nice: Here is Uber's playbook for sabotaging Lyft. It includes equipping independent contractors with burner phones and credit cards, and brand ambassadors that recruit its competitors' drivers. And you thought D.C. cabs had it bad when it came to Uber warfare.  -6

Get Me Out of Here? eBay says the most popular item D.C. residents purchase on the site is luggage. Hopefully this means that Washingtonians are takings lots of vacations and not that they are fleeing the District en masse. +1

Let Them Eat Real Cake!: Slate determined that cupcakes are the official dessert of D.C. Unfortunately, I can't think of a more representative dessert in the city to dispute this. -4

Pay Up: Consumers in the Washington and Baltimore region have increased their credit card debt by 3.9 percent since last year, notably higher than the 2.9 percent national average increase, according to credit reporting agency Equivax. -3

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