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Boston and Worcester Drivers Best D.C. as the Worst


The good news: D.C. doesn't have the worst drivers in the country. The bad news: We're pretty darn close to having the worst drivers in the country.

Allstate insurance released its annual "America's Best Drivers Report," and D.C. ranked 198 on the list of 200 cities. Worcester, Mass., residents took the title for the worst drivers, followed by nearby Boston.

The insurance company estimates that D.C. drivers have an accident once every 5.1 years—that's nearly twice as many car accidents as the national average, according to the company's data.

Allstate compiled the data by calculating the frequency of accidents that result in property damage among their customers in 2011 and 2012 in the 200 largest cities that Allstate serves.

D.C. has ranked as the worst drivers in the country for the last six years, according to these Allstate rankings. Massachusetts had not been included in previous lists because the insurance company only recently started providing services in the state.

Fort Collins, Colo., topped the list this year, just as it did last year. Drivers there have a car accident, on average, once every 14.2 years.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery 

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  • Typical DC BS

    Always wondered how Boston area drivers were not listed before. They are absolutely bad drivers. They make NYC drivers look like brain surgeons.

  • Retired Cop70

    District drivers are really pretty good drivers, but the new residents from other areas like Boston have come here and now look what they've done.

  • MP

    I have driven in such nice people OFF the road can be such morons ON the road is just amazing.

    Anyway, an example: this morning near Worcester, a driver came up on my bumper as I was in the left-hand lane. Heshe whipped around me, then immediately slammed on the brakes and turned left. I mean, these people as drivers are just idiots.