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The Needle: Harper’s Ferry?

Hot Take: An anonymous scout says Bryce Harper has had a bad year and he could see the Nationals trading him "for a young arm and hold on to Denard Span." Let's get a name attached to this scout before we start throwing out our hometown Harper gear. -3

Your Money and Your Life: The lawyer who filed the lawsuit that led a federal judge to overturn D.C.'s ban on carrying handguns in public is asking the city to pay his more than $54,720 in legal fees. -5

Jack Evans on the Loose: Is Councilmember Jack Evans purging the negativity from his Wikipedia page? +7

Sausage Fest: Meats & Foods is now open in the Shaw/Bloomingdale area. +1

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  • Typical DC BS

    Negative 5 for a lawyer busting the District's balls for nonsensical, UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun laws? Please, you need to realize what country you're in. Hope he collects, just like the Chicago guy who sued them for their ridiculous handgun ban.