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Howard University Students Pose for Photo in Response to Michael Brown Shooting

The photos of the protests coming out of Ferguson, Missouri—the St. Louis suburb where unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot to death by a police officer last weekend—are surreal and heart-wrenching. Here's another powerful photo, taken yesterday at Howard University.

The hundreds of students in this photo are echoing some of the protests occurring now in Ferguson, in which residents are marching with their hands in the air and saying, "Don't shoot me."

Howard University student Megan Sims posted the photo Wednesday evening from a rally at the historically black university. According to Mother Jones, students were already gathered for a freshmen move-in meeting and decided they needed "to respond to the Mike Brown issue."

There will be a rally tonight at 7 p.m. at Malcolm X Park in support of Brown and those "who have been victims of police brutality throughout the U.S."

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  • blkwrestl

    Powerful statement by these students. Continue to speak, demonstrate, as we all need to do to combat this horrible tragedy.

  • Chad

    What about the tragedy of 7 people shot in the District last night? Or the 16 shot in Chicago last week? Where are those protests?

  • sanjuro

    This is the kind of image that will make history.

  • Typical DC BS

    How about holding up a sign "Look - no looting".

  • http://none Save Our Sons Now

    Just thinking about the world and the people in it is saddening sometimes. A lot has happened in the world during my time here on earth. People are so self- focused. Doesn't seem like very many people are making positive contributions anymore. Our people are reacting to deaths of our young teens.... There needs to be concrete laws put in place for racially motivated/stereotyped killings of our young men whether- it's civilian or law enforcement. This has been going on well before Emmett Till. Do you think the Stand Your Ground laws were made for our people? Before there can be gay marriage rights, women rights, or any other kind of rights- we need a revisioned ammendment of our CIVIL RIGHTS to keep our young men alive and protect our children!! I have sons- this HAS to change! The laws that are in place now work very well in keeping our young men imprisoned or the right to murder them in cold blood. Civil rights for our people have never been "civil". Our actions should be positively getting our rights amended, in place, and enforced immediately before someone pulls the trigger again on one of our sons! -DAWN

  • Typical DC BS

    Maybe you should teach your kids to not shoot EACH OTHER, Save Our Sons Now. You are in far more danger from each other than white folks. But I guess facts are too much for you to bother to research?

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