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The Needle: D.C. Falls Victim to Liberalism

Damn Liberals: An Oklahoma woman called in to C-SPAN's Washington Journal Friday when Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton was a guest, and said the world is "just totally embarrassed at what liberalism has done to Washington, D.C." The woman cited the homeless people and the alcoholics she saw on the streets when visiting the city to support her thesis that liberalism has ruined D.C. She even noted the “hoard of hundreds of black people” she spotted in line outside the local courthouse supposedly awaiting trial. Ultimately, the Oklahoma woman told Norton she  was appalled by the "No Taxation Without Representation" license plates—though not in the way most people are appalled by the protesting motto—and thought D.C. should be put back under Congress' control. -7

Panda Porn: For your Monday enjoyment: Pictures of a red panda cub being hand-raised in Virginia. +1

Old News: A real estate brokerage firm predicts that Eckington is a "hot hood to watch out for in the second half of 2014". Well, at this point, that's an extremely safe bet. -2

Bathroom Sex: A diner writes in an UrbanSpoon review of a Virginia Thai restaurant that he loves the establishment because he got "LAID IN THE BATHROOM!!!!" (h/t DC Eater.) For more on that topic, read Young & Hungry's column on getting it on in D.C.'s restaurant bathrooms. +3

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  • Liberalism laid by panda in the hood

    The news is confusing these days.


    If I went to Oklahoma City I could see the same things if you looking for negative things in society.
    The Oklahoma woman only wanted to see what she wanted to see and not all the good things in this society. The world is full of negative people like her who only want to see what they want to see in our world. What do you expect from the heart land of Middle America?